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The Son of Sleepy – Crack, Corruption & Prostitution

If you want to see something scarier than the Brooklyn Summer of 1979, behold the released files from Hunter Biden’s (son of U.S. President Joe Biden) hacked iCloud account. Hunter, who recorded himself weighing crack (not being able to read the scale properly) while  fighting with a prostitute. Known by his father as “the smartest man I know” we here at AH would like to refer to him as “The Son of Sleepy.”

While this may be a surprise to those over 60, or without a Twitter account, this event is very similar to the Hunter Biden laptop that was leaked leading up to the 2020 election. From smoking crack, recording himself naked, and searching for illegal porn; to having shady contact names and group chat’s with “Mom and Pedo Peter” it’s a total train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. You’d think the people of the United States would like to have been informed on this before election time. But no, not a single word from any main stream institution. The Trump era pulled the bunny out of the hat and showed the world that mainstream media is nothing more than propaganda TV. We saw the people’s response as most of these programs ratings have declined and audiences have found other outlets and platforms to consume news. As people see on Twitter the difference between what is reported and what stories are actually relevant couldn’t be greater. This morning, millions of people woke up to videos and images of Hunter Biden committing multiple crimes. The mainstream media was silent on this revelation. They think that by not discussing this story it may just go away. The lack of coverage has caused “anons” on websites like 4Chan to search for answers and these more answers came last night from “The Son of Sleepy’s” iCloud.   

All politics aside and strictly from an optics standpoint, Biden is extremely embarrassing. There’s no way that this President and/or his son hasn’t been compromised by a foreign government. What is being released is upwards of 450 GB of criminal behavior and somehow the Establishment has successfully suppressed it enough until now. The trove of blackmail information is going to be used by foreign actors and there is no shortage of it. Hunter Biden addicted to whores and white powder is such a deviant that he was paying $30,000 for the girlfriend experience from hookers while stealing his dead brother’s wife.  

As more information arises about the Biden Crime Family it seems like there is no hell hot enough for Hunter. With accusations of shady business dealings from corrupt Ukraine energy companies, to sending strategic US oil reserves to China, the press secretary and President Biden cannot comment on the matter. Hunter Biden is a part owner and investor in a Chinese company that actually purchased barrels of oil from the United States while the US and its allies have been battling an energy crisis all of 2022. Profiting by selling essential resources to the enemy sounds like treason if you ask us. Kind of gross.

iMessages revealed Hunter had approximately five guns in his personal house which he would show off on video while high on crack. All while his father, as President, preaches that stricter gun laws are needed as he reads (if that’s the verb you wish to use for him choking on his tongue) off the teleprompter. On top of that, part of the iCloud messages revealed he forged his ex wife’s name to take out an $100,000 loan in 2018, which is illegal. 

The worst part, don’t hold your breath for justice. He will probably get granted a pardoned for any federal crime anyways that’s probably why no prosecution waste their time on him. And if you are not mad yet, the FBI had all this info in 2019 and has been too incompetent to do anything with it. That, or the FBI is full of felons. You would think in such a crucial two-year window this intelligence would be considered crucial for the public to know considering HIS FATHER was running for PRESIDENT, that somehow the mainstream media would leak this or Twitter would do its thing. It’s sad when you think the MSM could not go lower, they somehow proved to us that they are nothing but worthless hacks who are paid to look pretty and regurgitate the message that is provided by their big boss.

Let’s be real, who remembers the outrage from the TV when Barack Obama‘s daughter got caught smoking weed or when Michael Phelps got caught hitting a bong after winning a bunch of gold medals? In 2022, it could not be more evident that they pick and choose what stories they want you to hear and essentially weaponize their platforms knowing that millions of people are going to just repeat their stupid rhetoric on the street. 

Instead it is raw comedy that these people did, in fact, successfully shame us for not wearing a diaper on her face for two and a half years, and also convinced the majority that Joe Biden should be the President of United States. In terms of leadership, with the run we’ve had, maybe we are another step closer until The Rock starts climbing up the polls or maybe Kanye actually wins this thing. 

If the Biden family was an enemy of the political establishment we all know this will be covered 24 hours a day until Midterms in November, and after. If the same information became available on any of Trumps kids best believe they would throw them in prison. There better be more coming if the Republicans want this to affect the polls because if you know anything about our current society everybody will forget about this in 3 to 4 business days. I’ll leave it at that. Nothing short of a disgrace. If you would like to see more of the Son of Sleepy see the images below. The guy is a certified degenerative deviant and a complete embarrassment to his family and this country. 


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