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Steelers Defense Outscores the Offense – Somehow Beat Browns

In what what felt like one of the longest games ever, all of Pittsburgh struggled at their desks the following morning. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are right back on track at 1-1. Even though the their performance Week 1 was pathetic, I just chalked it up as the 49ers being an absolute juggernaut of a football team. I didn’t want to hit the panic button immediately because after watching the NFL for years, I expect the Steelers to get better as the season goes on.

Last night, without Cam Heyward, and with an offense that continues to be a laughing stock across the league; somehow, someway, the Steelers beat their divisional rival to continue their dominance on Monday Night Football as a franchise.

By tormenting DeShaun Watson and the Browns offense after Nick Chubb was lost in the second quarter, we had to count on the defense again to bail them out and ultimately put up points to win the game. 

The Steelers Offensive Struggles Continue

Give me the headset. I’ll do the job for $1. I’ll be doing not only Steelers fans, but America, a favor. I apologize in advance to the country that they have to watch this offense again next week on Sunday Night Football against the Raiders.

Matt Canada, I’m afraid, has lost everyone. As many things changed in 2023, some things stayed the same. If any of us were as bad at our job as Matt Canada was at his, we’d be fired quickly.

Do yourself a favor, for a laugh even, by typing in “Matt Canada” in the search bar on Twitter. From people belittling him for jokes, providing statistics on how little he has accomplished as an Offensive Coordinator, not only for the Steelers, but in college football as well. 

Last, and most important, point of the offense: George Pickens. Forget how dreadful the run game is because they simply cannot block up front. When that does not work, finally, they got the teams best receiver the ball and he had a career night. 

I would like to see the Steelers establish some sort of running identity and stop making Kenny Pickett throw 40 plus times every game. If they continue the path that they are on the Steelers could jeopardize Pickett’s future growth and development. 

We Bow to the OLB Pair

Alex Highsmith is a savage. Was so excited when they paid him because I knew the pairing of him and TJ Watt would be game disruptors and save our ass. Exactly how it played out last night. The very first play, Alex Highsmith gets a pick-six and gets the Steelers breathing room because their offense is allergic to scoring points.

TJ Watt, breaking James Harrison’s Steelers All-Time sack record at just 28 years old, showed us again why he is an alien.

The pairing worked so beautifully. Highsmith stripped sacked Watson and Watt picked it up for what was the game winning touchdown. Hilarious that our defense has been our best offense once again. 

Levi Wallace, Sorry But He Cannot Play

Oh brother, it was hard to watch. Especially, with the few plays Joey Porter Jr made in his limited action, you have to ask why is #29 on the field?

After missing the tackle in the hole which led to the 66-yard Christian McCaffrey touchdown in Week 1, my patience was already wearing thin. If you draft a guy at #32 overall and the current guy on the field stinks, screw it. Let the kid loose.

Amari Cooper was his daddy all night, and at one point I think Deshaun Watson was looking to throw his way. Any crucial third down you know the ball is coming to his side of the field. If I am going to watch the Steelers get cooked in the secondary, I’d rather let the young rookie get the reps. 

Pray for Nick Chubb

Adam Schefter, you impression hunting dirty dawg. You knew Browns fans and fantasy owners were dying to hear the news about Chubb. Now imagine reading the first part of this tweet and your heart sank. Not only for your low performing fantasy team, but also Nick Chubb. As we expected the worst, we did eventually find out that he will be out for the season. NFL fans have to suffer as now we see arguably the best running back in football not be able to display his talents. 

Hard to say how the Browns pivot. I don’t necessarily think that they have to get away from the run game, as Jerome Ford seems capable of doing the job. If it’s all up to Deshaun Watson, that might make Browns fans a little queazy.

If Chubb stays healthy and continues the game, I believe they roll the Steelers. They had a formula for keeping the ball away from an offense who already struggles tremendously to put up points.

What is Next? 

I apologized to America before, but the Steelers will be on national television against the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. As Mike Tomlin has addressed the “Fire Canada” chants during last nights game, he has to understand that the defense will not be there every game to score two touchdowns to bail this team out. 

Looking ahead at the next three, it’s at the Raiders on SNF, at the Texans, and then back home against the Ravens before the teams bye week. Thank God we do not have to see defenses as good as San Fransisco’s and Cleveland’s the next two weeks. Hopefully the Steelers can build some sort of identity and rhythm throughout this next stretch of play. 


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