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Giants Must Win Convincingly in Week 2 Against Cardinals

It was a terrible Sunday night loss to Dallas in Week 1. I don’t think anything really needs to be said when a team gets beaten as badly as the Giants were.

Week 2 has a lot of pressure. Pressure that wouldn’t be there if the Giants lost to Dallas by a score of 40-21, or something equal to that, hypothetically. An offensive touchdown, or any score really, would’ve went a long way for New York.

The Giants play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, a team that a lot of people picked to contend for the number one overall pick in next years draft. They were surprisingly scrappy in their Week 1 loss to the Washington Commanders. Even still, the Giants don’t have to just win on Sunday, they have to dominate.

Many things went wrong for the Giants against Dallas. It wasn’t just the lack of talent. The offensive line was in full panic mode against the Dallas defensive front. There were dropped passes, fumbles, special teams miscues, basically everything you could think of.

To set the ship right and to quell the concerns of fans, the Giants need to do what good teams do: demolish bad teams. The Cardinals are a bad team. From the opening kick to the final whistle, there should be no doubt about whether the Giants will win the game. If they win like the Commanders did in Week 1, I will be very concerned.

Individually speaking, I need to see Evan Neal have a good game. I’m a little bit slower than some to bash Neal for his poor play since being in the NFL, but look at the turnaround Andrew Thomas had. There is no reason Neal can’t do the same. The Giants need that, they need the line to be solid outside of Thomas and Week 1 proved it isn’t. Neal needs to have a strong start, and the line as a unit needs to be on the same page.

Daniel Jones obviously had the roughest go of it against the Cowboys, so I hope he finds a groove Sunday that he could ride into the coming weeks. A few touchdowns from him would go a long way, same could be said for Barkley. Get Saquon involved early and dominate the Cardinals defense. Maybe even take some deep shots with Hyatt.

The weather was undeniably a factor for the passing game last Sunday night, so they have to make some big plays and open up the playbook.

The Giants are simply outclassed in the NFC when it comes to Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco; but I think they can compete with any other team in the conference. They have to show that they are still that same tough, smart team from last year.

Focus on the Cardinals and beat them convincingly, because the 49ers are waiting on Thursday night. After what Dallas did to that offensive line, I wouldn’t be very excited for that game.

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