Stop the Stetson Slander

     Earlier this week, Georgia Quarterback Stetson Bennett IV was named a 2022 Heisman Trophy finalist. Stetson, who started his career as a walk-on, has made a name for himself as a prominent quarterback in college football. Last year Stetson led Georgia to a National Championship over Alabama, and this year is 13-0 with an SEC championship under his belt.


     Shortly after being named a Heisman finalist over other notable CFB stars like Blake Corum and Hendon Hooker, fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

     One of the many viral tweets criticizing Bennett pointed out that he is the same age as Ravens QB Lamar Jackson who won the Heisman at Louisville in 2016. Although it may be surprising, Stetson Bennett IV (25 years old) is also the same age as Joe Burrow, and Kyler Murray, who have all won the Heisman in prior years.

     Another tweet stated that Stetson acts like he’s the second coming of Christ after throwing quick slants to 5 stars. Although comical, Stetson Bennett is a legit CFB star and should have more respect on his name. If old college football quarterbacks upset you, I suggest looking away for the next couple of years.

     Get ready for more players to follow Stetson’s path of using the entirety of their eligibility. With Covid forcing the NCAA to grant every CFB player an extra year of eligibility, there are bound to be many more 5th and 6th-year student-athletes to follow. Every player develops differently, and some players will use all they have to find success. Instead of bashing Bennett for his age, we should respect what Stetson has been able to accomplish thus far.


     With another chance at a National Championship, I would not be surprised if Stetson leads Georgia to another title and silences the critics.


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