White Lotus Finale

‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Finale-SPOILER ALERT


The first season of HBOs White Lotus focused on the lives of the residents in a Hawaiian condominium complex. Its narrative follows a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, cultures, and challenges. It explores the complexities of living in a tropical paradise and the struggles of the characters to live their lives to the fullest.

In contrast, the second season of White Lotus takes a much darker tone. The characters are dealing with forces of temptations that has destroyed, or draws brink of destruction, to their paradise and forced them to rebuild their relationships. In a season with multiple layers that each character presents, they must cope with the physical and emotional damage by each others actions to grapple with the challenges of everyday life.

This season takes a much more dramatic tone, with intense storylines and thought provoking moments that really bring out the strength of the characters. Despite all of that, some of us found us are tight at the ending. Some anti-climatic scenes to a somewhat bizarre and anti-climatic ending. Here are takeaways and questions that I had when it was all said and done.

This show is full of some serious sociopaths. Are the couples swingers? Did Harper and Cameron actually sleep together? There was still unaccounted time between her and Cam going to the room and Ethan showing up. As the viewer I do not see the whole story being displayed, but maybe that’s the point, to showcase Ethan’s paranoia. What went down on the island with Daphne and Ethan? Who is the Trainer? I guess I can only rely on my friend sending over TikTok links to produce theories.

Albie is a beta cuck. His dad basically paid 50k to try to reconcile his marriage. Insanity. The hooker had this dude twirled around her finger and got this kid to shakedown his Dad for 50k while not even knowing his Dad got there first. We talk about layers. A full representation of the difference of a stereotypical man is shown amongst the three generations. They all may do similar things, but their optics and methods of going about it were all different. As a young man, it only reiterates that she does not want to be saved brother, focus on yourself. That scene at the end when all three of them checkout the same girl at the airport displays their similarities perfectly.

Jennifer Coolidge, you are incredible. She really should get an Emmy for this performance. You may never hear a line as iconic as “These Gays are trying to kill me,” ever again. But I must ask, were Greg and Quentin lovers and their plot ran that deep? Not totally sold on that conspiracy theory Tanya had going on or not, although it seems very plausible. The entire boat scene was hilarious as well.

Well done by her and well done by Creator Mike White for implementing some sort of bridge between season one and season two. Now it is up to them to kind of make that same connection to a season three that the HBO team has already alluded to.

The women were the real winners in this season. Mia is now the hotel pianist, Lucia had her plan and executed it in masterclass fashion, Tanya may have taken a hit to the dome that put her in a body bag but she at least got her revenge. Harper’s main issue was that Ethan was not attracted to her, but that seemed to turn the corner in the final scenes after her alleged antics, Valentina got to lean into her sexuality and Portia got to safety net with the nice guy after blowing him off and going on her life changing journey. 

At the end, Mike White portrayed the characters desires to implement certain issues into the script. With all its ambiguity I am excited for them to pick the next destination, cast members and the global issues they try to display the world. Even though I may not be thrilled with how they stuck the landing for season two, I am still a vowed viewer for season three.


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