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Tory Lanez Calls 2022 Hip/Hop “Mid” – AH Puts Together “August Heat” Playlist in AH Studio

Does rap music suck now or have I crossed the age where I have become so blinded that I am getting old my days as a rap fan is considered a has been? Tory Lanez came out today saying how music is aggressively mid these days.

To me, he’s right. Who the hell do we turn to for rap music? No real anticipation for an album in what has felt like a long time. We have Drake making dance music, Kanye making Skete memes, Kendrick Lamar thinking he’s the second coming of Christ and J.Cole trying to put on the entire state of North Carolina. The rest are mumbling or sending out a message that is not resonating with the people. 

At this point I feel like our only choice for music is to turn to our past. Maybe it’s how the industry shifted from CDs into streaming maybe the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. Or these people can’t get their big break or bring in enough cash because they couldn’t tour in 2020 and still struggling to put their stuff out. Especially with the big barriers to enter this business as saturation continues to hinder the industry.

The game is changing and it is more about digital marketing and people just knowing who you are instead of making good, authentic music. Thank god for Datpiff because that’s where I see us late 1990s-early 2000s babies really enjoy and get our favorite artists music for free.  Plus any underground classics you had your chance to put your friends on at the lunch table. I mean let’s face it, Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings is still a better listen than anything that has come out this year while I’m typing away at my desk. IF YOU ARE READING THIS…please download the original version off of Datpiff.com right now.

But if you wont, here we are giving you 20 of our favorites from the DatPiff era with more to come later on. Click here at AH Studio to see some of our playlist, mixes and preview to our podcasts this upcoming Fall 2022. Tell us your favorite mixtapes from the DatPiff era in the comments below and bump this while you are at work tomorrow. 


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