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Truth Social Dropped – I Am Not That Excited About It

Yeah, yeah a day for the MAGA party to be excited as this may be the launch of Donald Trump’s return to social media, but as a person who loves to try new technology or platforms, I just cant find myself to get excited for yet another social media platform on Presidents Day. 

The app was the top downloaded app of the App Store yesterday February 21st, 2022. I signed up and let’s put it nicely that the app was trash. I kept getting a bunch of error messages due to an overwhelming demand of sign-ups at one time just to end up being waitlisted. You would think considering Trump and company had 71 million voters in the 2020 election that they could have done foresaw this volume of sign-ups coming and had the servers prepared, but I guess this is all a part of the selling process. OR! Let me get my tinfoil hat on…It was a direct cyber attack from a series of Trump enemies. Again something they should have expected as there is a long line of people who want to see him get removed from the face of the Earth.


The only reason I signed up was solely out of curiosity and let us be real, the Trump content is what I miss most about his presidency. The press conferences, the tweets, the constant back and forth with the press and even some of his jokes. Regardless of where you stand politically if you didn’t laugh anywhere from 2015-2021 I think you need to work on your sense of humor in 2022. Before we continue let us at least appreciate just a small sample tweets from Donald Trump that will forever be embedded in American History.

Why I Am Not Excited

I tried Rumble, GETTR, Parler solely out of curiosity of the development of other platforms as Big Tech ultimately flexed their muscles on January 8th, 2021 as Facebook and Twitter de-platformed a current sitting President of the “Free-World”. All that made me think is that if they could do that to the “most powerful person” in the world, they could do that to anyone who steps out of line and does not agree with the status quo. Now that may be frightening to some and some may say the normal day-to-day citizen should not be worried considering we are powerless.

With that being said, most of the world is either not aware of what is really at stake in the technology space, or they flat out just do not give a shit. Both are terrifying and alarming, but I just do not see the other platforms being able to shake up our traditional platforms. The only platform that has had success in the past few years becoming mainstream is TikTok and that was a more original idea than Truth Social. Truth Social seems to be another platform where conservatives can go and communicate each other freely unless the developers of those platforms throw people off. Well, then aren’t we back to square one?

What I Expect

I expect Twitter does not see this one platform as a threat especially with the current forces that control social media. Parler raised $20 million to have roughly at max 3 million active users before Google kicked them off their store, so I’ll consider that attempt as a failed attempt. 

Rumble, which has been online since 2013 saw the most growth after July 2020, growing from 1.6 million monthly users to 31.9 million by the end of the first quarter of 2021. Again, excited growth but still not a threat to Twitter or Google’s YouTube which is Rumble’s top competitor.

Then there is GETTR. GETTR was founded by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide, and was officially launched on July 4, 2021. Very similar to Twitter, but I find it to be a platform with the same side just circulating information they all agree on instead of informing a new audience. Plus there are a lot of bots, which is suck. Nothing like being alerted of the “young singles in my area” in my replies after I make a communism joke. 

Finally, what I expect is Twitter to remain king of this space. With 206 million active users they seem to hold all the cards as there are clear barriers to entry that will not make it easy for any platform creator to disrupt in 2022. The only chance is to keep exposing Big Tech’s shadow banning and de-platforming people while enjoying the content from Twitter, the Wild West of the Internet.

You’ll see the conservative side think this a big win, but I cannot agree when you have a shitty launch. With nearly 400,000 waitlisted we will have to see tremendous growth and some key-performance-indicators to see if Truth has a chance by years end. 


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