Lexi Sets The World On Fire – Euphoria Is Yet Another Example of HBO’s Greatness

Spoilers. Do Not Proceed Further Unless You Watch!

Death, taxes and HBO flexing that they are indeed the best original TV show producer in the industry. Incredible acting and storytelling while keeping you on your toes. 

The penultimate episode of season two revolves around the premiere of Lexi’s play, which blends real-life events into Lexi’s version of them. The episode itself finally displays how in-touch Lexi is with he events around her, even if she is often in the background of them. The episode ends with a setup for an amazing season finale this upcoming Sunday. As someone who lives in their own head 24/7 I am really starting to appreciate Lexi as a legitimate lead in Euphoria.

Flawless execution and an incredibly wild concept for the show. The writers and cast provided us a unique experience as it dove deeper into the history of characters, exposed some hurtful truths and I’m sure stirred up a lot of real emotions from the faithful viewers at watching at home. From proud moms, friends bonding over shared pain, failed relationships and seeing how scary growing up can be; I did not know if I was uncomfortable or entertained the entire time but I walked away knowing Lexi is a “fucking G”.

The episode may have been the most entertaining of the series, but it left us with the dire need to know what happens to Fezco. The empty seat! A solid guess is another raid and Lexi is going to have to tell Fez about the play through a glass window, but the details of how it all goes down…We are just going to have to wait and see. If there is one thing Twitter has been unified about is that this show is ruined if Fezco gets killed off. 

On a funny note, no way a play could have clowned Nate Jacob’s that hard and not get canceled but this show is fucked up and flexed that HBO is willing to go past the norm yet again. 


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