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Tweet, Tweet – Twitter is the Most Important Acquisition of Our Time

Is this Elon Musk acquisition the biggest of our generation? It’s certainly not the largest by price paid in a deal, but it’s probably one of the most mainstream and is something that not only effects a large sum of Americans, but individuals all around the globe on a day-to-day basis. 

There is a lot of mixed feelings regarding Twitter as an app, but the stock was not  an all-time performer since going public in November 2013. Shark Tank’s famous Kevin O’Leary shit on the company as a whole, as they have been one of the slowest growth tech stocks in the past 10 years. That may be true, but business news enthusiasts are excited to see Elon take it private so he can cut the dead weight and actually enhance the product, rather than it being a constant cycle of hate and ads that are owned by corporate media and other large institutions. 

We have already seen Elon make jokes and even take jabs at his “enemies” since the deal was agreed upon. I guess Donald Trump not coming back makes him now the undisputed king of Twitter lol. Whether he makes jokes or jabs, we know people will continue to trigger themselves into putting a binky in their mouth. Nobody is forcing you to use Twitter….LEAVE!

Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!"  -Elon Musk

People have made their comebacks to Twitter, some have left and decided to peace out to other platforms. Some have called for Elon to unfold if the conspiracy “shadow banning” is real or embedded into the algorithm. Others are concerned he is too smart and will take it to a new space that the average joe will not understand. Groups of conservatives have stated that they have been gaining followers they allege Twitter was stripping from them in the past since the deal was announced. I guess this may be the start of us all shedding some light on what really happened on the internet from the years 2015-2022, as it seems to be a cesspool of shady dealings and corruption. Even today, Twitter admitted it overstated the amount of users on their platform for years. Making Elon’s offer of $54.20 per share sound even sweeter while they are basically cooking the books with the amount of users present on the site.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey tweeted his goal was to have a global conscious of ideas shared amongst the people. He also added that Elon Musk is the right hands to continue Twitters journey. 

Elon has made it clear that he plans to make it an open source algo and be as politically in the middle as possible; ideally that should piss of the radicals on either side equally. Kinda fun watching how this all unfolds. In fairness I think I’m onboard with any social media that is managed by Musk rather than Bot Zuckerberg or even Donald Trump’s Truth Social which I stopped caring for once they put my ass on a waitlist. Everyone should be excited about Twitter’s future, and we at AH are eager to hear more regarding Elon Musk’s initiatives as he continues to meme the message.




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