‘Massive Talent’ – Everything You Want in a Nic Cage Movie

Minor Spoilers for Massive Talent

I went to go see the newest Nic Cage movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. What a trip. This movie is one of the better ‘buddy movies’ I have seen in a long time. Also, I always give bonus points when a movie comes out that isn’t a sequel, remake, or reboot.

Starring Nic Cage as Nick Cage and Pedro Pascal as Javi Gutierrez, the two enter a beautiful friendship, bonding over movies and acting. The plot is a bit more in depth than that, but it was is mainly driven by these two friends. The dynamic between Cage and Pascal was fantastic, I think Pascal is one of my favorite working actors right now. He is awesome in every role I see him in and he can be funny, serious, and everything in between.

You get some classic Nic Cage antics, hyperbolizing his most iconic attributes to make it silly, but not silly enough to where it became painful to watch. Probably the strangest, but funniest, bit in the movie is the CGI’d young “Nicky” Cage, who is all the stereotypes of Nic Cage: loud, crazy, eccentric, and he even has his own catchphrase. There’s a scene where Nic Cage and young Nic Cage start making out, it is peak Nic Cage, hilarious. It’s a very meta movie, and not afraid to make fun of itself and the stereotypes and tropes of Hollywood movies and actors; that’s a huge part of why it was so good.

I saw this movie by myself (It’s the second time I’ve seen a movie alone, the first time was with A Star is Born. It’s kind of a power move to see a movie solo, would recommend doing that at least once) but I absolutely recommend seeing this movie with friends. You’ll share some laughs and it’s just a joy to watch. Also not to be slept on, there were a couple of heartfelt moments in this film, as well as a not-so-obvious plot twist! Now the twist isn’t anything too crazy, but it defiantly adds a little flair to the plot. Like I said, this is a great “buddy movie” and has the potential to be that funny flick you leave on the TV when you and your friends are doing nothing, a la Pineapple Express.

I would give The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent a solid 6/10.

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