What’s the Wock?

Lil Yachty’s new song viral song Poland has been racking up 10’s of millions of views and listens since dropping earlier this month. The 1:23 song has hooked people with the iconic line “I took the WoOoOock’ to Poland”. Some are confused when they learn that Lil Boat isn’t hiking through eastern Europe, instead he speaking on a much deeper idea. 

Wock is slang for Wockhardt, a pharmaceutical company that produces promethazine and codeine cough syrup. These opioid based ingredients are used to make lean which has been a substance abused by millions for decades. In Poland Yachty speaks about his relationship with the Wock. 

Yatchy makes it evident that he is combatting his addiction to lean. As he is “fiending” and “battling all my demons” it highlights that there is an obvious struggle to gain control over his use of these highly addictive “medicines”. 

While the beat by F1Lthy and catchy hook has gone viral this song strikes a much deeper chord that resonates with people today. One of the leading causes of death today of people 18-45 is due to Fentayl, a synthetic opioid derivative. Since 2013 these deaths have increased 18x, in 2020 56,000 people died of an overdose due to the drug. This addiction is something that has effected every person whether it be first hand or through a family member or friend. Yatchy’s expression of this in Poland is a numbing reminder that even the most successful people fight dark battles. 

For those struggling with substance abuse there are resources to get help and people need to know they are never alone in their fight.  


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