The Line: City of the Future

The human centric architectural revolution is in full effect and the crown jewel of this movement just broke ground. The Line is being hailed as “The city that delivers new wonders for the world” and will be an urban living experiment that has never been conducted before. It claims that there will be no roads, cars or other emissions while being completely running on renewable energy sources with little harm on the existing natural ecosystem. These dreams, to be the city of the future, are lofty but why dream small? 

Neom, Saudi Arabia will be home to this modern day Architectural and Engineering marvel. The design aims to build a city only 200 meters (218 yards) wide and 170 kilometers (105.63 miles) long and 500 meters (1640.42 feet) covering a total area of 260,000 km^2 (690,000 sq mi). The designers claim it will only take 20 minutes to travel from one end of the city to the other and is accessible to 40% of the world with in 6 hours. Truly this project is one of a kind as no city in the history of humanity has been designed with these unique goals in mind. The rendering and videos shared with the public seem like something out of a Sci-fi movie with its trademark mirror glass façade and futuristic layout. 

There were rumors and doubts that this project would not happen and that all of this was hype. But this was dismissed since the project recently began with earthwork. The city will house 9 million people and is aiming to be a hub of economic, technological and educational excellence. The project is estimated to cost $200 billion USD and is claimed to create 380,000 jobs in Saudi Arabia. Stretching from the Red Sea to the city of Tabuk The Line is attempting to redefine how humanity designs and builds cities and will propel Saudi Arabia into the 2030s and beyond.  


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