Knicks 2023 Offseason

4 Realistic Knicks Targets for The Summer

4 Realistic Knicks Targets That I’d Love To See 

It is no secret that the Knicks lacked additional offensive guard play in the playoffs. Granted, it was a season full of exceeding expectations. All of New York City from management to the last casual fan is seeking improvement.

With Derrick Rose’s option officially not picked up, that free’s up 15.6 million in cap space, the Knicks next objectives are to find a trade partner to unload Evan Fournier’s $18 million and deciding what they are doing in terms Obi Toppin’s role, whether its with the Knicks or elsewhere. 

The Twitter GM’s need to put the Trade Machine’s down. For the first time in a long time the franchise is in a good position to acquire somebody at the hands of somewhat competent management. No need to unload all the young talent we love so dearly while they are on favorable deals. 

You see the deals for John Collins and Bradley Beal got traded without any first round picks involved. These new salary cap restrictions being implemented next year has teams unloading good players and I think Knicks fans have to be patient for Leon Rose and Knicks front office to strike as many of their highest earners are on front loaded contracts with descending salaries.

As the New York Knicks look to improve their squad ahead of the new NBA season, they must focus on trading for and signing realistic targets in the off-season. Quit the trade machine where they are acquiring players who are due over $60 million annual salaries, while unloading all the young talent, and let’s continue to build brick by brick. We know the key areas are additional playmaking guards and a 2-way wing, who are willing to score the basketball. Without Jalen Brunson creating offense the Heat were able to overwhelm the Knicks and it ultimately ended their season in the 2nd round. 

OG Anunoby – Toronto Raptors

OG Anunoby is a young wing with immense potential and could be a perfect fit for the Knicks. A perfect Thibs type of player. The 25-year-old has been a center piece of the Toronto Raptors’ organization over the last few years and is coming off a season where his name appeared in trade rumors near the NBA Deadline. 

Now if we are talking someone who can come in and make an impact immediately, Anunoby’s ability to guard multiple positions and shoot the ball from distance would be invaluable to the Knicks. Consider that two of the Knicks needs checked off in one shot.

While he will command a high price tag after he can opt out of after the 2023-2024 season, his cap hit of roughly $18.6 million seems feasible if Fournier is moved off the books. If a third team needs to get involved and we have to unload one of those 1st round draft picks we are hoarding, so be it.

ALSO DEVELOPING: OG has left Rich Paul and Klutch Sports as of June 26th and will soon choose a new agent as he enters the final season of his current contract with the Raptors. A development in Knicks fans favor as the underlying Klutch Sports vs CAA rivalry continues across the landscape of the NBA.

Bruce Brown – Denver Nuggets

Bruce Brown is another player who could help the Knicks on both ends of the floor. The 26-year-old has spent most of his career as a backup but has shown flashes of brilliance in his minutes. Brown’s overall and now championship pedigree would be another refreshing addition to the Knicks, who are seeking players to continue their rise to legit status.

On the defensive end, Brown can be a big time player. He has quick hands and feet, allowing him to stay in front of his man and disrupt passing lanes. 

Offensively, Brown may not be a superstar, but he is a reliable contributor who can play off the bench or as the starter on any given night if need be. Did I mention he now has credible NBA Finals experience? Where he took over the game and was a reason Denver won playoff games down the stretch? This would be such a valuable add if they can pry him away from the NBA Champion Nuggets.

Shake Milton – Philadelphia 76ers

Now this is a value add. Guy hits the market after making roughly $1.9 million last year. Could be an electric sleeper add if the Knicks ever need another spark plug. 3x his current salary and that is a certified bargain.

Shake Milton is another young player who could help the Knicks on both ends of the floor. The 26-year-old guard had a breakout season with the Philadelphia 76ers 2 seasons ago, averaging 13.0 points per game on 45% shooting. He also is a willing 3pt shooter, shooting 36.5% for his career. 

Defensively, Milton earns his minutes on the floor proving he is capable. He has quick hands, which allows him to disrupt passing lanes and generate steals. He is a fun player who can definitely excite Madison Square Garden alongside the Knicks young team.

Donte DiVincenzo – Golden State Warriors

The young man who won everyone over with his March Madness Final Four performance and has been a solid contributor at the next level.

Donte DiVincenzo, the Villanova man, is a free agent after dealing his $4.7 million option with the Warriors. DiVicenzo can now come play alongside his college buddies Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart if he were to so wish. Would be kind of big for the culture. 

He has spent most of his career with the Milwaukee Bucks but was recently traded to the Golden State Warriors from the Kings after only playing 25 games in Sacramento. 

DiVincenzo is another free agent three-point shooter, shooting over 36% from range in his career. Again, another affordable add since the Knicks declined Derrick Rose’s team option. 

Defensively, DiVincenzo is a team player. He knows how to play the game, he has the size and strength to guard multiple positions, and we know he is not afraid of the big moments. We want mentally tough playoff players and he certainly can be one of them. 

What Needs To Be Done

The Knicks have a lot of work to do this off-season if they want to continue building from what they did last season. We would hate for them to come out on Opening Night with the same line up as last year. They need to find ways to improve their roster without overspending and eventually cash in when the golden opportunity comes. These four players offer the Knicks realistic options right now.

If they prioritize acquiring OG Anunoby and signing one of the following, Bruce Brown, Shake Milton, and Donte DiVincenzo, I would consider this offseason a serious step in the right direction. 


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