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It is Hilarious the Steelers are 3-2

In a twist of fate that can only be described as hilariously unexpected, the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently perched atop the AFC North with a 3-2 record heading into the teams bye week. 

Their start, despite a struggling offense, is nothing short of remarkable, and they have managed to surprise fans and analysts alike 

The Historically Bad Offense

The Steelers kicked off their season in a rather unimpressive manner (or impressive, depending on who you ask). 

Through five games the offensive side of the ball, under the guidance of Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada, has struggled to find rhythm or show signs of progress. No consistency, big plays are scarce, and any given week points are hard to come by. 

Many fans and pundits alike are writing off the Steelers’ season, believing their offensive woes are too much to overcome. While others believe it can be salvaged, as “Fire Canada” chants rained down in Pittsburgh on Sunday, and even at a Penguins game.

However, despite being completely ineffective in one out of three phases of football, the Steelers’ defense and special teams played out of their minds once again to secure victory. Sacks, turnovers, blocked punts are keeping the team in games, as they have seemingly taken it upon themselves to compensate for their struggling offense.

The Few, The Proud, The Offensive Heroes

Among the standout performers of this season, George Pickens is the next big time Steelers wide receiver. He has easily been the team’s best offensive player. It’s not exactly rocket science: start by giving the ball to the best playmakers. 

His ability to make big plays in key moments has been crucial to the Steelers’ success. In their Week 5 win over the Baltimore Ravens, Pickens made the 41-yard touchdown catch that was instrumental in securing the win.

Not much to say about the offense other than the spark from Jaylen Warren and maybe the debut of Left Tackle Broderick Jones, but Steelers Nation is far from satisfied.

The Rivalry Game

The storied rivalry between Pittsburgh and Baltimore added another chapter in Week 5. Let’s just say this chapter of the book was uglier than the rest of them. To simply put it, the Ravens gave it away. 

The matchup between Steelers’ Mike Tomlin and Ravens’ John Harbaugh is always a highlight of the NFL calendar. This year’s first meeting was no different. 

Despite being the underdogs, the Steelers managed to pull out a 17-10 win by what appears by the skin of their ass. The game was a testament to the Steelers’ grit in finding a way to win despite being down 10 points early. Scoring on the Ravens is never an easy feat, but they found any way to scrap points whenever desperate.

The Steelers’ Offense: A Work In Progress?

Is there progress? Not really.

While the Steelers’ defense and special teams have been performing admirably, we can only wish the offense shows us a little competence. Even when they do well, Matt Canada can’t be happy and he is getting roasted for it on Twitter.

The truth of the manner is, we have seen offensive coordinators do better with less. Despite having a talented roster, the Steelers’ offense cannot continue this trend because they are wear down their own defense for leaving them on the field for so long. The inability to sustain drives has been a theme since Matt Canada has taken the helm. 

The play-calling has been questionable at times, easily criticized and the lack of execution is also due to the players taking turns messing up. It is a consistent topic of discussion even when they win. It’s never because of them.

I guess the aforementioned touchdown pass from Kenny Pickett to George Pickens is a prime example of what the Steelers’ offense is capable of. But why the hell did we have to wait until the 4th quarter to see that? It leaves us all confused.

Looking Ahead

With a 3-2 record and a 2-0 divisional record, the Steelers are currently leading the AFC North. However, there is still a long way to go in the season. The Steelers’ offense needs to improve if they want to even think about maintaining their position at the top of the division.

That being said, the Steelers have shown that they are a team that can never be counted out. Their ability to win games despite their offensive struggles is a testament to their resilience and tenacity. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. This model of victory is not sustainable. 

Now at this point in time, we have to manage our own expectations. At the same time, we understand that we are not going to get an all time great offense overnight. That is not what we are asking for. We are asking for a little competence and to enjoy a football game where the offense does not make us want to rip our eyes out.


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