DC NIL Draft

The NIL Changed the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a great opportunity to celebrate the hard work, commitment and dedication college athletes have shown in order to be a part of the top 1% of all college football players. As always it is an awesome experience for all followers of the game as it is a time to acknowledge career milestones for these young men. But to say that the atmosphere is the same as it use to be is false. Not so long ago the first round of the NFL draft was TENSE, players and their families had the opportunity to make life changing money. Falling a few spots could be the difference in players making millions of dollars. As we watched this year, players and their families seemed to have had the edge of draft night taken off and this is directly due to the NIL deals that these players are now allowed to take part in.

While this may rub people the wrong way the lack of stress and emotion on draft night is a win for the players. These players have put their bodies on the line and should not have to wait on the chance to be drafted by rich billionaires in order to provide for their families. The argument that by paying players with a degree has become completely debased. Proof of this comes from recent attempts by politicians to forgive student loan debts. The word is out that these degrees are not nearly as expensive as advertised. Trying to con student athletes into thinking that the millions of dollars their play brings in can be compensated with just a degree is offensive. In no world is it right that universities could make so much money off these student athletes while not allowing them to get paid for their talents on and off the field. 

It is okay that we didn’t see the typical tears that have been a hallmark the draft in past years. This is what socio economic progress looks like. No longer are the days of the Draft being the lottery but instead just another great career milestone for these incredible humans. People who are upset that players are able to provide for themselves and their loved ones while playing college sports are truly sad individuals. Congrats to all players who are securing their financial freedom with NIL. Less tears and more celebrating on draft night is a cultural win that has taken decades to come to fruition.  


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