Knicks Fun

Knicks Fans – We Are Having Fun!

Oh, what a treat it’s been. This is a feeling I haven’t had in 10 plus years surrounding the game of basketball. The world is upside down because the New York Knicks are in the top 5 of the NBA Power Rankings, and we are in the month of March! After the Bucks win streak was snapped, the Knicks are officially the hottest team in the NBA and already surpassing last years win total. The players seem to be having just as much fun as the fans are. 

If you’re still criticizing or doubting this front office, let me remind you they are the ones who traded Marcus Morris and used that pick for Immanuel Quickley. Pay that man now. A nationally televised game in Boston and you score a career high in points and only turn the ball over once in 55 minutes? (55 minutes is outrageous). 

Extension, stamped! One of the few remaining questions Knicks fans have: who is going to be the other go-to ball handler when Brunson gets doubled in the playoffs? Right now, IQ is taking the reins and showing his reliability and growth. Very fun to watch. 

The Knicks are going for 10 (yeah that’s right) wins in a row tonight, as they set the target even higher for the standings down the stretch. They are currently the fifth ranked team in the ultra competitive Eastern Conference. They’re 1.5 games back of securing a home playoff series; and have shown extreme confidence against any opponent they play. They’ve been beating rivals, closing games, rebounding hard, hitting clutch shots, and have had incredible individual and team defense.

The story lines are getting so good, in fact, you’ll probably see some fan fraudulence as we get to closer to the playoffs. With that being said, to all those who have enjoyed not only this past week, but the ups and downs of this season, enjoy it because we are seeing some of the young Knicks talent right before they hit their stride.

Hopefully down the stretch we get some more legendary double “BANG!” calls from Mike Breen, the GOAT. 


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