It’s Time to Give Up On the Carson Wentz Project

The year is 2016, the Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock and they draft “The future of the Franchise” in Carson Wentz, out of FCS Powerhouse North Dakota State. It seemed like a no brainer at the time, and looked extremely promising for the Eagles when he threw for nearly 3,300 yards and 33 touchdowns in just 13 games in 2017. However, Wentz would go down with a torn ACL in week 14 against the Rams while doing what Wentz does best, trying to make a play. That Eagles team would go on to win the Super Bowl with Big Dick Nick Foles, and Carson would later be sent to the Colts for peanuts. After a quick stink in Indianapolis, even the owner Jim Irsay would publicly criticize Wentz’s play, especially after an embarrassing loss to the near winless Jacksonville Jaguars to crush the Colt’s playoff hopes.

Enter the new named Washington Commanders, who after reportedly contacting every NFL team, settled on the infamous Wentz Wagon. They lost on the Russell Wilson lottery, missed out on the Jimmy G experiment, and even lost out on the Matt Ryan retirement party.

Every Washington Commanders fan (not many of them) had their optimism at all-time lows for this goofy red head. And to no surprise, he has managed to stoop even LOWER than anyone could have expected. After playing a decent, not even good, first half of football against the Jaguars. Since then he has looked like a dumpster fire. The Commanders are not only are 1-3, but they have been pissed on by their last three opponents. Wentz has looked like a blind homeless man wearing stilts at quarterback and his play has trickled down to the entire organization.

It is time to give up on the Wentz project. Taylor Heinicke, who is the definition of a Gamer (for better or for worse) would give Washington at least a fighting chance in almost every game. Hell, he led a bad Washington team with Scary Terry and a bunch of JV receivers almost to the playoffs a year ago. Now, Washington has weapons such as rookie sensation Jahan Dotson and Curtis Samuel, and Wentz still can’t get the ball to them. Give Heinicke a chance. If he doesn’t work out, then maybe give Rookie Sam Howell a chance. But please, anyone but Troy McGinty at quarterback for the sorry-ass Commanders.

Here is Troy McGinty in case you are uncultured and forgot the “Freak with Robe” bully from Max Keeble’s Big Move (Oscar Snub).


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