Knicks Win 50 Games For First Time Since 2012-2013

The New York Knicks have officially made their return to the NBA spotlight. Clinching the playoffs in three out of the past four season with an exclamation point. For the first time since the 2012-2013 season, they have reached the coveted 50-win milestone.

The Final Game: An Overtime Thriller

The Knicks’ journey to their 50th win was not a walk in the park. Their final regular-season game against the Bulls was an overtime thriller that had everyone on the edge of their seats, and they came away with a 120-119 victory.

The Villanova Men

The Knicks’ 50-win season was made possible by the outstanding performances of key players, most notably Jalen Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo and Josh Hart. The Villanova men are the driving force, and the heart and soul of the team. Their leadership has been tremendous since Julius Randle went down in late February. These guys are the epitome of the “Next Man Up” mindset. 

Jalen Brunson: MVP Contender

Jalen Brunson has been everything Knicks fans have wanted and more. This final stretch has also put him in the conversation for the NBA’s MVP and rightfully so. Unfortunately, he won’t win, but we are comparing former MVP’s stats with Jalen Brunson. Again, real tears of joy here for many New Yorkers. Brunson finished the regular season averaging a career-high 28.6 points and 6.7 assists per game, which included a total of 40 points in the final game against the Bulls. This performance marked his 11th 40-point game of the season. His scoring this season has been embedded into Knicks history. This record in particular passes Patrick Ewing for the second-most in a single season by a Knicks player.

Donte DiVincenzo: Flamethrower 

Donte DiVincenzo is one of last summers free agency signings. DiVincenzo should be a candidate for the NBA’s Most Improved Player. DiVincenzo’s transition to a starting role was nothing short of impactful. His career-best season, characterized by a dramatic increase in scoring and a tenacious defensive presence, has made him a fan favorite. His Knicks record-setting three-point shooting and creativity around the basket has made him a legitimate scoring threat. Only two guys made more three’s than DiVincenzo this season: Steph Curry and Luka Doncic.

Josh Hart: Glue Guy 

Josh Hart’s versatility cannot be understated. Talk about doing it all. His ability to score, rebound, and assist has been a silver lining. Hart’s triple-doubles this season demonstrated his all-around impact on the court. His willingness to play any role provided stability and set the tone in terms of culture. Hart’s versatility and triple-doubles were crucial for winning on any given night. His consistent play and leadership, especially in high-pressure moments, guided the team during these challenging times.  

The Coach: Tom Thibodeau

Get used to him, because with only one season left on his current deal, Thibs will probably sign an extension this summer. Needless to say, the success of the Knicks is not only attributed to the players but also to the strategic approach of their coach, Tom Thibodeau. 

This has been his best coaching job for the Knicks. From major shake ups in a mid-season trade, to losing Julius Randle; with help of good player leadership, he was able to keep his team’s eyes on winning. Remember, New York made the playoffs just four times in 16 years before Thib’s arrival. Now, it’s been three out of the past four. Known for his no-nonsense approach and emphasis on defense, Thibodeau has guided the team to their 50th win.

The Playoffs

With their 50-win season and No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference under their belt, the Knicks are now setting their sights on the playoffs. They are set to face the winner of the Miami vs. Philadelphia play-in game. As Knicks fans, we are cheering for a 6OT slug fest. Either team will undoubtedly test them right away. However, if their regular-season performance is anything to go by, they are more than ready to take on the challenge.

Expectations and Potential

As the Knicks enter the playoffs, expectations are high. The team’s 50-win season and No. 2 seed position have raised hopes among fans and analysts alike. There is a belief that the Knicks could make a deep run in the playoffs and compete with any team they play.

While the Knicks’ regular-season performance has been impressive, the playoffs are a different beast. Right from the start you face either Philly or Miami. Both matchups bring their different senses of danger. The 76ers have Embiid back, and the Heat always seem to elevate themselves come April. If they can stay alive then they’ll have great confidence heading into the second round. No matter who the matchup is, the Knicks have showed a way to adapt all season long. 

A Season to Remember

The Knicks’ 50-win season is undoubtedly a season to remember. It’s a season to the team’s hard work, resilience, but their legitimacy. With a combination of great moves by the front office, the coaches and the players, this run has been in the making for years. The Knicks have shown that they can compete with the best, and they are closer to the promise land than many people think. 


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