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Kyrie Irving – The Day After the Nets Break Up

Kyrie demanded his way out of Brooklyn and now he packs his bags for Dallas. 3/3 on bitter exits for Kyrie and the city he was traded from. From the Summer 2019 to now the Nets signed Kyrie and Kevin Durant and it is safe to say they have nothing to show for it. 

The Twitter chatter has already started for those who want to dismiss that Kyrie and Luca can share the ball in Dallas. Personally, I do not think it is a problem. Now if you were to say this team could score 140 points but lose 145-140 because they just got rid of size and their best wing defender now we discuss basketball. Plus, they are starting Christian wood at center so who the hell is grabbing the boards?

But saying they won’t mesh because the Nets are ready to liquidate assets like Michael Jackson facing trial then that’s just silly. These two of the smartest guys with the ball in their hands in the NBA. 2 guys who DEMAND a double team. This league ran by perimeter players who can create plays against a set half court defense. Both Luka and Kyrie can do with their respective skillsets.  Offense is not of my concern but how Jason Kidd plans to cook up defensive game plans as a coach.

Now in terms of Kyrie’s future he is only eligible for a 2 year extension with the Mavericks currently instead of the 4 year max as if he were the sign the extension with the Nets before being traded. So in terms of his future I am not going to get into as a new story seems to come into development every time there he has a contract situation coming up. The one thing I can say is the Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban is no stranger to risk. I am sure he understands that his team just acquired one of the best NBA players that comes with a lot of baggage. As now all eyes are on Dallas, we will be monitoring the ripple effect of what happens not only Kyrie, but Luca Doncic if this goes sideways. 

I will say this though, this has to be one of the weirdest trades I have witnessed as a basketball fan. From sweet to sour so quickly in Brooklyn. KD and Kyrie had the team rolling to close 2022 and peaked at the #2 seed in the East. Now in hindsight it seems as if KD’s injury was the beginning of the end. From what Nets fans thought could be title contenders come May and June, now it seems like there is no indicator of what path they will take now.

In terms of what is next, I expect the Mavericks to keep sticking their beaks in the trade market or wait to add from the buyout market following the 2/9 trade deadline. For the Nets they have a choice to make. Try to salvage what you have with Durant and try to put yourselves back in the race or blow this whole thing up. I can only imagine 29 teams are calling the Nets just to ask what’s up. Now, if I can forecast the Nets falling in the East Conference it is time for other teams to climb in the standings, the same way Dallas will try to make their push in the West. 


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