Kyrie Irving’s Return to Boston for the NBA Finals Will Be Epic

Kyrie Irving’s return to Boston as a member of the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA Finals is phenomenal scripting. It’s everything we want and more, setting the stage for a series of amazing basketball. Once a beacon for the Celtics’ aspirations, Irving’s shift to Dallas has been a positive renewed chapter in his career. This reunion at TD Garden brings hostile anticipation, with the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the line.

History with the Celtics

Kyrie’s tenure with the Boston Celtics is one of the bigger “what ifs” in the team’s history. With rumored complexities of his relationships within the team and organization things got weird pretty quickly. During his two seasons, Irving delivered memorable performances, and witnessed the growth of the then young Celtics core of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Kyrie’s time was marred by injuries and disputes overshadowing his on-court talent.

Fan Reactions

The relationship between Kyrie Irving and Celtics fans was fraught with tension. Initially celebrated as a key player, Irving’s departure and subsequent actions turned the fanbase’s sentiment sour and hostile. Notably, his stepping on the Celtics logo sparked significant controversy and further alienated him in Boston.

His unexpected departure after pledging loyalty to the team left many fans feeling betrayed. This act, combined with his public disagreements cemented his status as a polarizing figure. Despite his attempts to mend fences, the lingering effects of these controversies continue to color perceptions of his character.

Return on the NBA Finals

Kyrie Irving has averaged 27.7 points, 4.2 assists and 4.2 rebounds in 13 games in the NBA Finals in his career. His return to the finals has true basketball fans juiced to watch him. 

His presence has not only boosted the morale of the Mavs, but has been a showcase of his masterful skillset. Him and Luka managed to lead the Mavericks through one of the toughest Western Conference runs in recent memory. If Kyrie follows through and does what he did in his previous two finals appearances, fans are in for something real special. 

Kyrie’s New Chapter 

Kyrie Irving’s journey from a key player in Cleveland to a pivotal figure in Dallas highlights his quest for a championship ring not alongside LeBron James. His postseason performance this year has been stellar, showing great synergy with Luka Doncic. Doncic himself has been exceptional, leading all players in assists per game and securing six triple-doubles in the playoffs, demonstrating his critical role for the Mavericks.

Kyrie Irving’s ability to perform under pressure is part of his legacy. His knack for hitting big shots and closing out games will be called upon. After 2016, there is no shot bigger. He has been there before. 

Team Playoff Stats

The Boston Celtics have demonstrated a robust postseason performance, averaging 111.4 points per game with a shooting accuracy of 48 percent overall and 36.8 percent from three-point range. Their defensive prowess is highlighted by allowing only 101.3 points per game, positioning them third-best in this postseason.

Conversely, the Dallas Mavericks, while posting a respectable 107.9 points per game, have allowed 103.9 points per game. Their defense is greatly improved, and they certainly faced their fair share of prolific scorers during their playoff run. They maintain a solid shooting performance at 47 percent overall and 37.2 percent from three-point territory.

Season Head-to-Head Results

During the regular season, the Celtics won both games against the Mavericks. The first meeting saw a victory of 119-110 in favor of Boston, with Tatum leading the scoring. The subsequent matchup was even less decisive, with the Celtics smoking the Mavs 138-110. 

In head-to-head matchups, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have consistently outperformed their counterparts on the Mavericks. In their first meeting, Tatum scored 39 points with 11 rebounds, while Brown contributed 34 points. On the Mavericks side, Luka Doncic put up a strong fight with 33 points, 18 rebounds, and 13 assists, but Kyrie Irving managed only 23 points. In their second matchup, you saw how the Celtics used their depth rather than relying on the duo.

If Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are cooking and Porzingis is healthy, they’ll all be getting their first ring. Despite Tatum and Brown’s challenging Finals performance in 2022, they have done the work to give themselves a chance. They want the story of the summer to be about their first title, rather than Kyrie’s redemption. 

Game 1 in Boston

This NBA Finals resurrects Irving’s complex history with the Celtics and will set the narrative across the NBA media. The anticipation delivered the story lines on a silver platter. The implications of this series extend beyond the hardwood, highlighting themes of redemption, and legacy. Fans and players alike are juiced as it feels as more is on the table than just the Larry O’Brien trophy.


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