Reggie Miller

Kyrie Irving – I Don’t Have a Problem With It

This Nets-Celtics rivalry that is brewing up is something that the NBA needs. As an innocent bystander who wouldn’t mind seeing either team lose this series, I really don’t really care about Kyrie telling Boston fans to suck his dick or giving them the finger. They probably deserved it. You’d think Boston fans would be over it by now, considering they are the two seed in the East, but I guess they’re still salty about Kyrie leaving. I’m here for the entertainment.

I mean give the guy a break, he’s in Ramadan Kai mode and he is trying to play his hardest without food and water, so if someone passed him a snickers bar maybe he wouldn’t have given those fans the finger behind his head, while he was running back on defense or telling a fan to “suck my dick” while he was walking into the locker room. A very NY response from Kyrie lol.

Despite all that and the typical nasty Boston crowd, Kyrie dropped 39 points on their heads and stealing home court was a ball hair away. I mean let’s be real, if somebody was telling you “you suck, pussy, bitch boy,” and all the other stuff you’d probably find yourself a little irked. These type of villains are what makes the NBA playoffs so special. This Boston vs. Kyrie feud is high risk because whichever side loses is going to be the clowns of the headlines for that week and maybe weeks to come. If Kyrie and the Nets completed the comeback everyone would be calling him the “Next Mamba” but instead, the tide turned on the last possession and KD let Jason Tatum slip by to score with no time left. Now talk about making a hard layup look easy. 

Maybe if the fans of Boston weren’t so intolerable they would still have Kyrie, Brown and Tatum, and would be in a prime spot to compete for the title, just my two cents. Ironically, this new rivalry is brewing at the same time HBO’s Winning Time episode showed how old Boston fans behaved. Buckle up NBA fans, I think we are in for a hell of a ride and we are about to see some all time performances.



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