Mike Tomlin Fires OC Matt Canada Steelers QBRB Coach To Take Over

Mike Tomlin Fires OC Matt Canada, Steelers QB & RB Coach To Take Over

Christmas came in November for Steelers fans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced the firing of Matt Canada as their offensive coordinator.

Head Coach Mike Tomlin confirmed the news in a statement, expressing his gratitude for Canada’s services to the Steelers.

“We have decided to relieve Matt Canada of his duties as offensive coordinator. We appreciate Matt’s hard work and commitment to the team, and we wish him the best in his future endeavours,” Tomlin said.

The Underperforming Steelers Offense

Hallelujah, as many of us have been wishing since he was hired. While the Steelers currently hold a 6-4 record, their offensive performance has been far from impressive. 

A better way to describe them is flat out pitiful and scary to watch for any fan. Ranking 28th in the NFL in both yards per game and points per game. 

Despite having a winning record, the Steelers have been outgained in each of their games this season, a trend that has not gone unnoticed. This may easily be the worst 6-4 team of all time considering they are not even playing a third of the sport. 

In their recent 13-10 defeat to the Cleveland Browns, the Steelers only managed 64 total yards in the first half including a meagre 15 net passing yards. The team didn’t register points on the board until the third quarter and that was simply a defensive breakdown by Cleveland for Jaylen Warren’s 74-yard touchdown run. 

The passing game was flat out not existent once again and it’s only trickling down on the rest of the offense anchoring this team down even further. 

The Impact on Kenny Pickett

Oh, Kenny Pickett, you’re on notice now. The Steelers’ offensive woes have also affected the young quarterback. His performance has been far from satisfactory, and easy to pick apart. Social media is carving him marking these last 6 games and if the Steelers fans do not like what they see they will be irate. 

There has been no signs of significant improvement in his second season, in fact many argue he has regressed and has been even worse, myself included. We really thought we had something coming down the stretch last season as Pickett played a little more fearless.

The lack of a potent passing attack has been particularly glaring, with the Steelers ranking 31st in yards and touchdowns. It’s been daunting. I count on TJ Watt and the defense to score touchdowns at this point. 

However, the decision to let go Canada suggests the Steelers still believe in Pickett’s potential and attitude. He was a late bloomer in college but it is almost a reset to see what he is truly made of.

The move indicates that the team is looking for a fresh approach that could help Pickett and the rest of the offense flourish. It goes without question, the entire offense is under the microscope even further. 

The Fan’s Perspective

The decision to fire Canada has been met with approval from a significant portion of the Steelers fan base. Supporters have been calling for a change at offensive coordinator for some time now, and even winning has not stopped our pleas and they have finally been heard.

The Steelers’ Future

While the Steelers are still very much in the playoff race, the team can’t afford to rest on its laurels. Despite your opinion on Najee Harris or the words he said, he is right. Everybody knows this style of winning is unsustainable and toxic.

The firing of Canada signifies a desire for change and improvement. The upcoming games will provide a litmus test for the new offensive coordination and the team’s ability to adapt to these changes.

The Steelers will need to make the most of the remaining games, and fans will be hoping for a quick turnaround in offensive output. Only time will tell whether this decision will prove to be the catalyst the Steelers need to rejuvenate their offense and keep their playoff aspirations alive.


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