Could Brady Make Julio the GOAT?

I tend be someone who does not love the clickbait sports headlines, but I think this one is less controversial than it sounds. You typically hear the same two to three guys when it comes to best Wide Receiver of all-time:  Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, the occasional Calvin Johnson and maybe a T.O.  When it comes to an all around WR though, I think Julio fits that mold just as much as anyone on the list. Julio is a big body receiver at 6’3, who dominates corners with his ability to go up and get the ball like Moss and Calvin, but also has the technical skills to run the short and intermediate routes like a Rice and AB, which in my opinion makes him the most complete and rounded receiver the game has ever seen.


When you look quickly at the stats Julio seems a little underwhelming, especially when it comes to the GOAT conversation. 17th on the yards list, 25th in receptions and the big kicker… 84th in touchdowns. Everyone who has owned Julio in fantasy knows the endzone has been his biggest challenge. But those who have watched the Falcons over the years know this has more to do with the offensive scheme and double teams from the defense, not Julio’s inability as a receiver. If we dive into those stats a little more you can see the true dominance Julio has had over the NFL throughout his career. Number one on the list in yards per game at 91.9, even after the last two years of down seasons, tied for first in 300 yard games, with one, and first in games over 250 yards, with three. Even more impressive: five consecutive seasons with 1,400 yards or more, and most season with 100 ypg, with five. So while he might not have the cumulation some of the other guys on the list has, on a game to game basis there’s no one more dominant.


One of my favorite things about Julio is his quiet, humble nature and his consistent play. Whether he’s getting the ball or not. Maybe his best highlight tape is his defensive highlights.

Most receivers don’t have this many offensive plays let alone defensive. The amount of effort he puts in, whether he’s got a chance at the ball or not, is a skill that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. Also, his lack of news stories shows his team attitude and dedication to not being a distraction. 

Brady Effect

There’s two things this next season that Brady can help bring to Julios already impressive resume: touchdowns and a ring. With Mike Evans on one side and Julio on the other, both are going to see their fair share of one on one matchups with one of the most accurate red zone passers of all time feeding them the ball. If Julio can add a 12 TD season to his resume it can move him into the top 50. Of course, Brady already denied Julio a ring in the famous 28-3 comeback in the Super Bowl, but Julio did everything he could that game to put the Falcons on his back, including what could’ve been one of the best catches in Superbowl history, if the Falcons had closed out the game. 

To be clear, I’m not denying the greatness of Rice, Moss, and Johnson. Julio still has to show a couple more good years before he really is added into the conversation, but it seems his career’s been somewhat overlooked in terms of an all time great. It’ll be interesting to see how Julio can add to his legacy this year, and there’s no one better to help him do it than the greatest QB of all time.

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