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NBA 2024 Trade Deadline: Winners & Losers

The NBA Trade Deadline came and went. With some contenders making moves to bolster their roster, and other teams failing to do much of anything.

Winner: New York Knicks

It’s safe to say that the team that made the loudest, and also most anticipated, moves at the trade deadline was the New York Knickerbockers. Excluding the OG Anunoby for Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett trade that took place in the final weeks of 2023, the Knicks made a significant move at the deadline to further bolster their depth.

For the Knicks, this trade needed to happen to not only improve their title chances, but to be able to actually field a team over the next few weeks. The Knicks have been riddled with injuries, first it was Mitchell Robinson early on, then Julius Randle separates his shoulder, then OG Anunoby gets surgery on his elbow, Jalen Brunson tweaks his ankle, and Isaiah Hartenstein narrowly avoided a bad achilles injury. Right now, Josh Hart and Donte DiVincenzo are the only ones who were getting big minutes left standing.

With Quentin Grimes essentially losing all his playing time to a scorching hot DiVincenzo, dealing him and other contracts, without relinquishing any firsts, for Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks (both of whom can contribute good, veteran minutes) is exactly what the Knicks needed.

In the long-term, when the Knicks get healthy towards the latter part of the season and into the playoffs, they’ll have great depth to make a real push for The Finals.

Loser: Los Angeles Lakers

It feels like the Lakers have always been in the thick of the trade deadline since LeBron James arrived there six years ago (side note: it is absolutely insane to me that LeBron has played six years in LA to his four in Miami).

This year, there were rumors that the Lakers were looking to make a push for Atlanta’s Dejounte Murray, who LeBron has publicly praised multiple times, even dating back to his days as a rookie in San Antonio.

However, GM Rob Pelinka stated, “We tried everything we could, and again, the market is the market,” according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. Pelinka added, “…this summer in June, we, at the time of the draft, we’ll have three first-round draft picks to look for deals, which I think will really unlock an access to potentially a greater or bigger swing.”

So maybe not all is lost in La La Land, despite the rumors that both LeBron and Anthony Davis were being shopped around, it looks like Pelinka is determined to maximize the rest of LeBron’s career in LA and continue to look for big moves.

Winner: Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs reportedly wanted ‘out of the Grant Williams business’ really badly. Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving were also reportedly less than enthusiastic about Williams’ personality in the locker room. Williams hasn’t made a huge impact on the Mavericks this year, and neither has Seth Curry (in his second stint with the team).

Turning them loose to the Charlotte Hornets for PJ Washington, who has been solid off the bench for a young Hornets team, is a nice flip in terms of production; and when you factor in the locker room stuff, the Mavs are probably better off.

Loser: Chicago Bulls

The Bulls, sitting at 24-27 and ninth in the Eastern Conference, didn’t make a trade at the deadline for the third consecutive year. 

Truthfully, I have no idea what the Bulls direction is, and I don’t think any of the die hard fans know either! Their insistence on “not taking a step back,” while simultaneously not making moves when a key guy like Zach LaVine is lost for the season, is mind boggling. Post-Derrick Rose/Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls have just kind of been floating around. They had a few truly horrible seasons mixed in there, but they generally refuse to do, or be, much of anything.

Winner: Charlotte Hornets/Oklahoma City Thunder

The Hornets made a few moves, like the previously mentioned PJ Washington to Dallas, but they also traded Terry Rozier weeks ago to Miami, and have now dealt Gordon Hayward to the Thunder for Tre Mann, Vasilije Micic, Davis Bertans, and a couple of second rounders. Charlotte has done a nice job this year of finally starting to rebuild and trading players for assets.

Conversely, the Thunder got a nice veteran presence in Gordon Hayward, who gets to contribute to a playoff team once again. Hayward hasn’t played since Christmas time because of injury, but despite that ever-looming problem for him, he was averaging 14.5 points and 4.6 assists on 36% 3-point shooting this year. Pretty low-risk/high-reward move for OKC.

Loser: Killian Hayes

The 22-year-old guards’ camp reportedly requested a change of scenery from Detroit, and the Pistons’ front office had a rather hilarious response: they flat out released him.

It’s not often you see a young, high draft pick get released by the worst team in the league (and the team that drafted him), but honestly, I love this move from Detroit. If no one was interested in Hayes, then why keep him around?

At the risk of sounding like a hater: Killian Hayes is AWFUL. There was not a single thing he could do well, or even at a mediocre level, on a basketball court. Why bother continuing to give him minutes? Because he was a top-10 pick? Nope. Happy trails, Killian.

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