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KEEP NY SAFE – MAYOR ADAMS, You are off to a terrible start

Yesterday is one of those days I simply became fed up with the incompetence of what has been going on in MY HOME STATE, the most resilient of them all, New York. The only state that can eat shit but keep it moving in the same minute, and even at its worse, is still the most lit place in the god damn USA, believe that! We just have to get it back in more responsible hands. I mean jeez, at this point we should just let Italian Gangsters run NY rather than the political establishment. At least we would have higher moral standards, safer streets and citizens actually scared of who was in charge if they fucked around. Not like these spineless cowards.

Anyways, we all know what everyone talked about at the dinner table last night. Those directly impacted, the trauma, the inability to get the suspect, how the violence started or what this is going to mean for commuters in NY the rest of this week as the investigation continues. All the day after Mayor Adams gets COVID, and then the arrest of the LT. Governor of NY, Brian Benjamin happens after being indicted for bribery and campaign fraud crimes while all of this is going down. My tinfoil hat is not on yet but I may put it on as I learn more about how these developments unfold. I am a skeptic of coincidences these days.

It just shows how much of a mess New York’s leadership is from top to bottom and it’s simply not fair to the citizens of NY, both city and state. But hey, I guess you get what you voted for. As much as I’d like to accept that, we know these big unions of NY and other woke organizations have the establishments choice for this upcoming November elections in their back pocket. Pushing the names of who the unions vote SHOULD be just to get stabbed in the back by some boob touching “Italian.” They’ll make promises they can’t keep just for you to directly feed them power. After “touchy” Cuomo resigned we are now stuck with this corrupt pucchiacca Kathy Hochul who’s interests are focused in on the Bills, her hubby and other wasteful spending. You can read more on that here.

Now lets get down to brass tax. This all goes down the day after the Mayor gets COVID. Glad he got to give us a little speech in quarantine. I’d wish him well but he can go sit on a fire hydrant for all I care after his early performance as NYC Mayor. Plus, chances are he is going to live. Can you believe that? 

Mayor Adams, we had low expectations because of communist DeBlasio but HOLY FUCK! I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt because his feet are just getting wet as Mayor, BUT YOU WERE A COP! This rise in crime was inherited by DeBlasio’s inability to lead, but this is why you were elected in the first place. If we elected a fucking accountant to be mayor we would at least like to see the budget get balanced. THIS IS YOUR “EXPERTISE,” and all that he has shown us is he’s another phony of the big money political establishment. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in the year 2022 has been more important for NY than the Kyrie Irving vax policy for the Brooklyn Nets and whether Lord Steve Cohen’s Mets pitchers can throw a ball on the pitchers mound in time for opening day even if they are un-vaxxed. The rest of us? FUCKING DIRT, unless you contribute $1.1 million to Eric Adams’ campaign.

So let us ask this together, “Hey, Mayor Adams, does it take people getting shot or possibly blown away for you to stop worrying about Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida?” If you wanna give a fuck about what they are doing run for a political spot there and do the NY thing and MIND YOUR BUSINESS. WE NEED YOUR FOCUS HERE. WE wanna run around in 1990s NY where the city was buzzing, not 1970’s NY where we could not find The Son of Sam. Word to the wise, get the fucking criminals in jail and get this…KEEP THEM IN THERE. Do not go around blaming gun violence for this lunatics actions when I bet most of the people there wish they could easily pull their strap and defended themselves against this piece of shit criminal. You know NYC tough gun laws did not stop this prick from committing these acts. We could go on and on about various important issues and topics, but we are keeping the focus on what happened yesterday.

My last thought is: we have all the cameras to make sure we are speeding and going over 25 MPH but can’t have working cameras or police in the Subways for OUR SAFTEY? GIVE ME A BREAK. You’d think we’d spend a couple bucks on a city camera tune up after Jeff Epstein got whacked, but nahhh we’d rather give our tax dollars to the Buffalo Bills. I guess we’ll have to wait for when Ghislaine Maxwell gets whacked and then maybe we’ll have a “Camera Reform” where they spend an excessive amount of OUR MONEY to pay for something that should have been taken care of already. I’ll leave you at that. DO BETTER YOU CROOKS!

Peace out NY. Forever love you unconditionally. 


P.S. – REMEMBER DAYS LIKE TODAY WHEN YOU VOTE. ALSO REMEMBER WE VOTE FOR PEOPLE, NOT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. THOSE TWO ARE BOTH THE SAME SHIT IN ONE BIG DIAPER IF YOU ASK US. In 2022, it is the Political Establishment vs. The People of the United States. VOTE for who is on our side. Not by their words, but by their actions. God bless. 


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