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Was Nick Sirianni Letting the Jets Score The Right Move?

Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni is at the heart of a substantial debate following this past Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Despite starting off the season 5-1, this week’s focal point of this discussion revolves around Sirianni’s decision in the last quarter where the Eagles suffered their first loss of the season.

The Fourth Quarter Dilemma

As the 4th quarter was nearing its end, the Eagles found themselves in a precarious position. They were leading 14-12 against the Jets, who had just intercepted Jalen Hurts for the third time and returned it inside the Eagles 10 yard line.

It appeared as if the Eagles, under Sirianni’s instruction, decided to let the Jets score on a Breece Hall run. There are divergent views on whether this was the correct decision by the Eagles. 

Many of us were pointing to the fact that the Eagles’ defense had not given up a touchdown all day. Our resident Eagles fans at Animal House suggested that with one minute and no timeouts left, the Eagles could have gotten into field goal range despite how well the Jets defense played all day.

However, this argument assumes that the Eagles’ offense, which had been struggling, could easily score a touchdown. In the NFL, there is only a rare circumstance where you let the other team score, and many of us do not think Sunday was one of those instances. 

One minute with no timeouts is a lot easier to get into field goal range. Your defense has not allowed a touchdown, you would not have let that much time burn off the clock and if your offense can’t get it done in that moment then it is something you just have to live with. The outcome would have been the same.

Sirianni’s Response

When asked about the situation, Sirianni gave such a vague answer, “That’s if we let them score,” he said. He further added, “Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t.” His refusal to confirm or deny the strategy is on brand with his personality. You either love it or hate it.

Analyzing the Decision

If the Eagles were not trying to let the Jets score, then their defensive play can be criticized as being subpar and showed lack of effort on that touchdown.

Regardless, the Jets were smart to take the touchdown. If your opponent will give it to you, take it. The defense needed to make a play down the stretch anyway, and the Jets did. Had they been stopped short of the goal line three times and kicked a field goal, the Eagles would have had roughly one minute to get into range for a walk-off win situation making them looking dumb at the end of the day.

As a coach, Robert Saleh has to be thinking in the moment that, the Eagles defense and special teams now have three plays to either stop or serve you a potential disaster at MetLife.

Although Sirianni’s decision may be controversial, you could argue the risk was probably worth taking considering it was a week 6 regular season game on the road, and you’re 5-0. We may not have to overreact here.

While some believe it was a strategic move, others argue that it was a misstep. If you want to zoom out a little further, you may want to remember that Jalen Hurts is winless as a starting QB when asked to throw the ball 40+ times in a game. Maybe this game will give the Eagles the signal to lean into their identity and look to control the tempo with their run game to not put themselves in the same situation they put themselves in this past Sunday.

As the NFL season progresses, it will be interesting to see how road loads and this decision impacts the Eagles’ performance as we will look closely to see if they will get back to what made them successful last year as the elite team in the NFC.


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