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What are Zach LaVine and Rich Paul Planning?

Tonight is NBA Draft Night, and before you know it July 1st will be here and our phones will be waiting for the famous “Woj Bombs.” Last August, LaVine hopped on the Klutch Sports bandwagon as he was entering the last year of his deal. Given what we know about Rich Paul’s previous clients, they will accept nothing short of the five-year max deal. Rich Paul, the Founder and CEO of Klutch Sports, represents LeBron James, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Draymond Green and many others. In 2021/2022 he had four clients earn greater than $30 million. Two of them didn’t play. The man gets what he wants. Whether that is the Bulls internally convincing themselves LaVine is worthy of such a deal, or they’ll have to facilitate a sign-and-trade wherever LaVine decides to go in the coming weeks. 

At this current point in time, he is eligible for a five-year contract extension from ONLY the Bulls, worth more than $210 million. But he’s an unrestricted free agent. Now, the Bulls have the option to offer that, but they do not necessarily hold all the cards here. LaVine can sign elsewhere if he chooses, on a maximum four-year contract estimated at $157 million. In this case, freedom cost him a disgustingly huge $53 million that we all could use. Big ouch. Unless, of course, the Bulls welcome that sign-and-trade to the team of LaVine’s choosing.

The sing-and-trade seems like a very likely outcome as both parties would benefit: LaVine gets that extra $53 million and the Bulls can get something in return and not let him walk for nothing. Regardless of the trade partner, the chance to return assets should not be taken lightly. The Golden State Warriors sign-and-traded Kevin Durant in 2019 for D’Angelo Russell, who they flipped and tumbled in a deal for Andrew Wiggins, who ended up being a critical piece on their 2022 title run. 

As of Draft Day, rumor has it that Lavine is expected to stay put and sign that five-year deal. This changes up his tune from back in March where he said he was going to “enjoy” free agency and go through the entire process fully. I think the Bulls commitment to that five-year deal just provides LaVine and Paul more leverage when discussing with other teams in the coming weeks. It’s basically like “you better have your ducks in a row if you think you’re ready to score my client”. 

Vegas has odds on who LaVine plays for next year. The Spurs, Trail Blazers, Mavs, Lakers, NY Knicks, Hawks and more have all done their due diligence on LaVine, and have put together trade packages readying themselves to bring on another max contract.

My prediction: Lavine gets all 5 years $210 million. I’d like to lean towards the Bulls but I think when the pressure is on and Bulls might take the assets back at the cheaper price while Rich Paul gets his client ultimately what they want. If you do not think he is worth the max scroll down and take note of this guys ability. Let’s see what happens. 


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