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4 Positions the Steelers Need to Enhance in 2024

It’s the start of a new NFL fiscal year and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who seem to be at a crossroads, are all set to make some significant changes in their lineup for the 2024 season. Fans are eager to see what direction the team will take as we approach the NFL Draft and free agency. After a season of making my eyes bleed, there are some position groups that are holding back team performance. These four specific positions are; Center, Left Tackle, Middle Linebacker, and Cornerback.


The Center position, often overshadowed, is one of the fundamental pillars of any successful football team. It’s crucial for the Pittsburgh Steelers to fortify this position, especially after parting ways with Mason Cole, who was the Steelers’ starting center for the past two years. A cornerstone of the Steelers’ woes was their offense. The team struggled to establish a cohesive and dynamic attack. The offensive line’s performance was underwhelming, limiting the run game’s effectiveness and exposing the quarterbacks to pressure.  This inconsistency in protection and run blocking has now become a focal point of concern. Since Maurkice Pouncey retired, the reliability at the position has been null.

The team could consider promoting internal talent. For instance, James Daniels, primarily a guard, has experience as a center during his collegiate years at Iowa. On the other hand, Nate Herbig is another viable option, having played all three interior positions in his NFL career. However, his limited experience at center is a concern. If that is the direction they take, I’ll aggressively vomit. 

Pittsburgh General Manager Omar Khan will have to explore free agency options, although those seem pretty bleak. Several Centers are expected to hit the market, including Andre James and Lloyd Cushenberry, amongst others. The NFL Draft is another avenue where the Steelers could potentially prioritize their next starting Center. Top ranked prospects like Zach Frazier, Jackson Powers-Johnson, Beaux Limmer, and Sedrick Van Pran-Granger showcased promising talent and could be valuable additions to the team.

Left Tackle

The Left Tackle position has been an abomination for some time now and I’d like it to end. Consistent protection for the quarterback has been a challenge, and the running game suffered due to lackluster blocking on the edge. Despite some outlier games towards the end of the season, that’s all they are: outliers. The team’s offensive line is in dire need of reinforcements.

Rookie Broderick Jones experienced growing pains typical of first-year players, but he also showed his versatility by appearing in the starting lineup at both Left and Right Tackle. His overall performance was marked by a learning curve that often resulted in pressure and sacks from both the left and right sides. 

As an overall group, pass protection breakdowns became an all-too-common sight, leading to hurried throws and a disconcerted pocket, impacting the team’s aerial attack. The run game was similarly affected, with running backs frequently meeting defenders in the backfield, stifling the ground attack before it could gain momentum. This lack of reliable blocking hampered the Steelers’ offensive versatility and predictability.

The Steelers could consider drafting Amarius Mims from Georgia. Despite having only eight starts, Mims’ performance has been as good as any lineman in his class. The potential pairing with Broderick Jones, his former college teammate, could provide the Steelers with a formidable offensive line. The draft also features several promising right tackle candidates who might be available when the Steelers make their first pick at 20th overall. Players like Troy Fautanu, Taliese Fuaga, JC Latham, and Joe Alt could provide the much-needed boost to the Steelers’ offensive line. At this point it feels like anyone selected in the first round would be a considerable upgrade. 

Middle Linebacker

The Middle Linebacker, often referred to as the ‘defensive quarterback’, is a role that requires a blend of physical strength and knowing everyone’s assignment. Unfortunately, this is another area the Steelers have not gotten right since tragically losing Ryan Shaizer in 2017 to a catastrophic neck injury. The bright side is the free agency market is expected to be brimming with experienced Middle Linebackers. 

The 2023 season at the middle linebacker position was a saga of resilience amid adversity, with injuries plaguing key players throughout the campaign. The Steelers began with a promising lineup that boasted both talent and experience. However, the injury bug bit hard, with Cole Holcomb and Kwon Alexander suffering season-ending injuries. Holcomb’s broken leg and Alexander’s Achilles’ tendon injury left a void in the Steelers’ defense, forcing a constant shuffling of players to fill the gaps.

Despite the challenges, the Steelers managed to extract notable performances from their linebackers. Elandon Roberts emerged as a pillar, leading the team with 101 tackles and adding 2.5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss. The veteran’s presence provided stability, but the cascading injuries required the Steelers to explore their depth, including late-season additions and practice squad elevations. 


The final position the Steelers need to address is Cornerback. Getting the right player could significantly uplift confidence to blitz more frequently. During the 2023 season, the cornerback position was a microcosm of inconsistency, particularly with veterans Patrick Peterson and Levi Wallace. Both players brought experience and leadership to the secondary, but their on-field performances were a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Patrick Peterson, despite his fantastic career, had moments where he showed his age. His ability to shut down top receivers was not as consistent as in his prime years, leading to crucial completions by opponents in key moments. The Steelers have the option to release him, saving nearly $6.8 million in cap space. Levi Wallace faced similar challenges, scaring me every time the ball was thrown his way. 

This inconsistency at cornerback highlighted a need for stability and youth at the position. However, the emergence of Joey Porter Jr. offered a glimmer of hope. Porter showcased potential to become a cornerstone for the Steelers’ secondary. His athleticism, football IQ, and tenacity were evident when given opportunities to play, and he quickly earned the attention of coaches and fans alike.

The free agency market is expected to feature several proven Cornerbacks, but the 2024 NFL Draft is also an excellent opportunity to look at prospects like Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean, who have both shown great potential and could be the future of the Steelers’ defense.

As dedicated fans, we eagerly anticipate the moves that the Steelers will make in the coming months. Whether it’s through internal promotion, free agency, or the NFL Draft, it’s clear that the Steelers have a wealth of options to enhance their lineup for the 2024 season. With the strategic acumen of head coach Mike Tomlin at the helm, we can expect the Steelers to make the right decisions and continue their legacy of excellence in the NFL.


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