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Drake, Rap Feuds, A.I. and Gamma Records

Drake dropped and the game is in disarray. In the heat of his war with Kendrick Lamar, Drizzy released Taylor Made Freestyle, the latest foray into AI-assisted music production. The song features AI-generated voices of iconic rap figures, 2Pac and Snoop Dogg; elevating Drake’s involvement in the ongoing debate about authenticity in the age of AI in music.

Drake Waits For Taylor Swift Release Date to Drop Push-Ups on Streaming Platforms

The diss track Push Ups was released hours after Taylor Swift unveiled her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department. The track had already been leaked a week earlier online, and the timing suggests a calculated decision by Drake to leverage the massive attention surrounding Swift’s release to amplify his own track.

Drake Releases AI Assisted Taylor Made Freestyle

In a fusion of technology, Drake’s Taylor Made Freestyle features the AI-assisted voices of hip-hop legends 2pac and Snoop Dogg. Released on Drake’s Instagram on April 19, 2024, the track is directly aimed at Kendrick Lamar, intensifying their ongoing feud. The song begins with an AI-generated verse from Tupac, addressing Kendrick directly and setting a confrontational tone for the track. This is followed by Snoop Dogg’s synthetic voice, which adds to the provocations aimed at Kendrick. 

Drake’s lyrical content intertwines with cultural references, notably calling out Taylor Swift as the “biggest gangster” in the industry. Getting her involved added a layer to the track’s complexity and his strategic positioning within the music scene. This release not only challenges Kendrick’s response but also cleverly capitalizes on the cultural moment surrounding Swift’s latest album release. He then suggested that Kendrick is delaying his comeback. 

The AI-generated vocals have illicit strong reactions throughout the music industry, mostly confusion, and from Snoop Dogg himself. Universal Music Group openly criticized the production quality of AI-assisted tracks. They highlighted issues with the vocals that lacked the authenticity. This sentiment was echoed by concerns of using AI of deceased Black musicians.

The use of AI-generated vocals has raised questions about copyright infringement. Some industry stakeholders argue that it could infringe on an artist’s right to control their likeness and profit from it. This has led to significant actions, such as Universal Music Group’s request to streaming platforms to remove the contentious tracks. This was promptly followed by platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Drake Business Ties to Gamma Records

The latest conspiracy theory in the music industry would be Drake’s involvement with Gamma Records. The record label, co-founded by Larry Jackson and Ike Youssef in 2023, extends beyond mere collaboration. Speculation from Joe Budden suggest that Drake might hold a co-ownership position within the company. This potential stake could explain his active promotion of artists like Sexyy Red and 4batz

Gamma Records has quickly become a powerhouse in the music industry. Securing billion-dollars worth of investments from figures including Clive Davis and Todd Boehly, and tech companies like Apple. Their acquisition strategy includes taking over Vydia, a distribution platform, which not only brought The Shade Room under their umbrella, but also the distribution rights for artists. This move demonstrates Gamma’s aggressive expansion into various facets of media and entertainment, aligning with Drake’s broadening influence in the industry.

Furthermore, the relationship between Drake and Gamma Records might also involve financial benefits tied to the artists’ successes. Many speculate this is possibly through publishing rights. This arrangement could be part of Drake’s extensive deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), linking him financially to the output of Gamma’s roster, which already includes many prominent names. The intricate web of business relationships underscores the strategic positioning of Drake.

The Cease-and-Desist Order

It doesn’t stop there. In his diss track, Rick Ross accused Drake of sending a cease-and-desist to French Montana regarding a verse on the track Splash Brothers. The track was initially supposed to feature Drake on French Montana’s album Mac & Cheese 5. Speculation suggests that the cease-and-desist was related to Drake’s verse on this track. It is rumored that his verse allegedly contained a diss aimed at Kanye West, and was considered to be “taking it too far.” Eventually, the song was released with Lil Wayne replacing Drake.

The controversy ties back to Drake’s album Her Loss and the tensions following the “Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert”. It appeared that Drake and Kanye West were supposed to have reconciled their differences. Despite this, Drake allegedly took shots at West in Her Loss and had other diss records prepared, which included the verse on Splash Brothers.

Revisiting Drake’s Deal with Universal Music Group (UMG)

In 2022, Drake inked a monumental, multi-dimensional agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG). Part of the deal includes encompassing recordings, publishing, merchandise, and visual media projects. This expansive deal positioned him alongside other top artists at Republic Records, a subsidiary of UMG, marking a significant extension similar to The Weeknd’s deal with the same group. Described by insiders as a “LeBron-sized” contract, the specifics of its value remain undisclosed. Though it’s rumored to involve a staggering $400 million upfront payment and includes rights to his masters.

Drake’s strategic negotiating prowess is evident in the favorable terms of the deal, likely featuring a substantial advance and a profitable net profit split, reflecting his strong bargaining position. This agreement not only boosts UMG’s catalog strength—making it the home to three million sound recordings and some of the most streamed artists—but also underscores Drake’s enduring influence and commercial viability in the industry.

Since joining UMG in 2009, Drake has released several successful albums, contributing to his global sales of 37 million units. This deal further solidifies his status as a pivotal figure in the music industry, with UMG’s Chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge highlighting the deal during the company’s earnings call as a testament to Hip-Hop’s significant market influence.

Kanye Enters the Ring with “Like That” Remix

Kanye West still has it. Delivering a remix of Metro Boomin’s Like That has sent shockwaves through social media. A great remix without ruining Metro Boomin’s original. Premiering his version on Justin Laboy’s podcast The Download, he unapologetically targets Drake and J. Cole with incisive lyrics that have since ignited a firestorm of media coverage and fan reactions. The remix not only aligns West with Kendrick Lamar—referencing Lamar’s previous moniker K.Dot—but also includes a brazen line directed at Drake. 

“It’s a wrap for nas/ Where’s Lucian, serve your master, na/ You caught a little bag for your masters didn’t ya/ Lifetime deal I feel bad for n****s.” West doesn’t spare J. Cole either, delivering a scathing bar: “Y’all so out of sight, out of mind / I can’t even think of a Drake line / Play J. Cole, get the p***y dry”. 

The significance of West’s disses is further underscored by the media’s extensive coverage, which has been quick to dissect every line and its implications for the ongoing rap feud between Kendrick and Drake.

What Does “Drop and Give Me Fifty” Really Mean?

The phrase “Drop and Give Me Fifty,” commonly demands someone to perform fifty push-ups as a test of strength and discipline. It’s heavily implied Drake is targeting the financial aspects of Kendrick’s deal with Top Dawg Entertainment. After the shot heard around the world with Kendricks Like That verse, Drake’s response will see significant success on the Billboard Hot 100. This not only fuels their personal rivalry but places him above Taylor Swift. It’s a petty game they play, but this statement is the ultimate message that he is not just #1 in rap, but in music. 

In the song, Drake specifically targets figures like Metro Boomin, Future, The Weeknd, Ja Morant, Rick Ross, and Kendrick Lamar. Suggesting a form of submission or capitulation as he asserts his dominance in the ongoing rap feud. Some listeners have praised Drake for his boldness, while others have critiqued the track for its approach to dissing, pointing out the playful yet aggressive undertones that characterize much of Drake’s career.

The War Continues

Drake’s ongoing feud within the music industry underscore the complex interplay between technology, creativity, and competition. As Drake navigates the waters, his actions have sparked debates that extend beyond the realm of music. This also touches on ethical, legal, and cultural issues. Whether through groundbreaking tracks or strategic industry moves, Drake continues to maintain his position in war. Challenging both artists and fans to reconsider the boundaries of musical innovation and rivalry. As the industry grapples with these changes, one thing remains clear: Drake’s influence is as potent as ever, driving conversations that circle around him. 


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