Brunson Career High

Jalen Brunson Drops 50, Knicks Win In Phoenix

Jalen Brunson, an absolute craftsman playing point guard, has proven he should be an All-Star once again by scoring a career-high 50 points against the Phoenix Suns. His exceptional performance not only led the Knicks to a comeback victory in Phoenix, but also solidified his position as one of the best guards in the game. 

Fans witnessed Brunson score a career high 50 points, while leading the Knicks to a 139-122 victory. This outstanding performance also cemented an interesting occasion: the Knicks’ first victory over superstar Kevin Durant in over a decade. Durant even tipped his cap to Brunson during the postgame.

Brunson’s game was literally perfection, at least from beyond the arc, where he went 9-for-9 on three-pointers. His final shot, a three-pointer, secured his position in an elite club of NBA history, joining Kyrie Irving as the only players to score at least 50 points without missing a three-point attempt. These three’s weren’t easy, either. The Knicks needed Brunson’s killer instinct last night, and they got it.

He also added five steals to add to his career night. 

Efficient Support

Brunson’s success wasn’t a solitary feat. He was well-supported by his teammates, particularly Julius Randle, who has kept the social media timeline’s quiet with his consistent play this past month. Randle and RJ Barrett combined for an efficient 45 points, demonstrating the level of play they will need when continuing this road trip. 

Over his last 14 games, Randle has averaged 24.8 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 5.6 assists, showcasing his versatility on both ends of the court. His shooting splits have been solid, with a field goal percentage of 49%, a three-point percentage of 33%, and a free throw percentage of 76%. In 13 out of these 14 games, he managed to score at least 20 points. This includes a massive 25-point, 20-rebound double-double against the Hornets.

Despite the Suns leading by 10 midway through the third quarter, the Knicks managed to turn the tide in their favor. The bench didn’t provide their usual load of support, but Brunson was firing away, and he exploded for 19 points in the third quarter. The Knicks then pulled ahead early in the fourth quarter with a 13-4 run and maintained their lead, eventually securing a win. 

Facing Adversity

The victory over the Phoenix Suns was even more significant considering the Knicks’ recent struggle against the Utah Jazz. Despite their previous shooting woes, the Knicks showcased a remarkable turnaround. The ability to overcome adversity and continue the journey is always underrated.

Jalen Brunson has proven once again why he’s a leader and a game-changer for the New York Knicks. He is a star, and his offensive game pushes superstar level. His contribution to the team’s success is undeniable, and his recent performance against the Phoenix Suns summarizes his overall impact he has brought to New York since the day he signed. 

Jalen Brunson’s journey in the NBA has been nothing short of a testament to continuous improvement, making him an integral part of the New York Knicks’ success. Each year, Brunson has not just improved his game, but has also grown as a leader both on and off the court. His relentless work ethic, coupled with his ability to guide the team under pressure, has immensely contributed to the shaping of the new Knicks culture. 

This transformation has undoubtedly made the Knicks an attractive destination for potential players. Whether it’s via trades or free agency, superstars may now the Knicks as a team where they can insert themselves and make them a very serious contender in the Eastern Conference. 

Brunson’s unique blend of skills and leadership attributes significantly enhances the team’s overall appeal. His presence creates a nurturing and competitive environment that attracts talent, fostering a culture of growth and success. They just need to add what they have to break their ceiling. The Jalen Brunson effect, as one could call it, has been instrumental in the Knicks’ resurgence and will continue to serve as the foundation to the franchise’s ascending future.


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