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NBA Trade Deadline 2022-23: Winners & Losers

Woj went crazy during this years deadline, and it might be one of the best Trade Deadlines the NBA has ever seen (I say that every year). The MLB has a great trade deadline, but it isn’t as popular because people don’t know all the players like in the NBA. No other sport has a Trade Deadline as hectic as the National Basketball Association, it’s always a thrill to watch. 

19 teams made at least one trade, which is a staggering amount and is cause for a big shift in the NBA. We had minor deals with a ton of second-round picks being tossed between teams; but we also had huge blockbuster trades that made multiple teams title contenders.

Let’s break down the biggest Winners and Losers of the 2022-23 Trade Deadline.


Phoenix Suns

They landed the best player on the trade block, even though it was reported after the Kyrie Irving deal that the Nets were not shopping Durant. They decided to send him where it was reported he wanted to go last offseason: the Suns. The Nets got a bounty of players and a whopping four first-round picks. However, you have to figure the Suns will be competitive, so what position does that put the Nets in? Regardless, Phoenix just went from a good playoff team, to a title favorite.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have moved on from the Russell Westbrook experiment and got some much needed three point shooting and depth for their roster courtesy of the Timberwolves. The Jazz were also a part of this deal, I have no idea how they don’t have Danny Ainge’s number blocked. I think the Lakers had a huge upgrade with this trade, but they also shipped off Patrick Beverley for Mo Bamba, another good upgrade.

Los Angeles Clippers

The other LA team didn’t do too bad, either! The Clips were able to land Eric Gordon and three second-round picks in a three-way deal with the Rockets and Grizzlies. Good for Eric Gordon for finally getting out of Houston, poor John Wall has to go back, though. They also landed Bones Hyland for practically nothing, Denver trading him was certainly a head scratcher for Denver fans.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks landed the season-long disgruntled Jae Crowder, who finally got out of Phoenix and finds himself on another contender. A good rotational piece for them as they prepare for another title run. 

Dallas Mavericks

Personally, I don’t see Kyrie as a Dallas guy. He grew up in Jersey, I think he is a coast to coast person who wants to be in a popular market. But for now, he is a Maverick, and that bodes well for Luka and company. Irving looked very comfortable in his first game, and when Luka comes back I’m sure they will figure out the whole “there’s only one ball” dilemma.


Miami Heat

The great Pat Riley inexplicably had zero trades at the deadline, with reports that he was actually sleeping during it. Fans are frustrated that it has been two consecutive years without a single big-time trade to help Jimmy Butler (33) and Bam Adebayo (25). The Heat have been really good. Since Jimmy arrived they have reached the Finals and got to the Eastern Conference Finals, they have the talent to get there and it isn’t a stretch to say one more key piece would put them over the top. Alas, it was crickets down in South Beach.

Toronto Raptors

I respect Masai Ujiri for having the confidence in his guys to compete right now, but it might have proven to be a mistake to stay quiet during the deadline, and fans are mostly upset. OG Anunoby was a name tossed around in a lot of trade discussions, as was Pascal Siakem (which would have taken a lot for Toronto to trade him). They ended with Jakob Poeltl and thats about it. As Woj noted, harder decisions coming this offseason.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets lost two elite players in just a few days. In return, they got an overload of wings and rotational players, the best of which was Mikal Bridges (who is great, but is a third option at best on a championship team), and some first round picks. Those picks belong to teams who will probably be good, so they might not be worth much. You don’t own any of your own picks, and your Franchise just got blown up and is now considered to be “toxic.” I have no idea how the Nets move forward here, but my guess is that they are going to be bad for a while, so don’t hold your breath, Brooklyn.

Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant, you are no longer (and really never have been) “fine in the West.”

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