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New Years Eve College Football is the Best

Since the establishment of the College Football Playoff I have had little complaints with whom the committee has selected, and the outcomes have typically been electric since its birth in the 2014 season.

I just hate having to wait almost a month for the Bowl games and Playoff to start.

The playoff system began with the 2014 season, replacing the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) which we are very grateful for. With the expansion of the playoff in 2024, the schedule will goes as follows, according to the CFB’s press release from December 1st. 

The first round of the playoff in 2024 will take place the week ending Saturday, December 21, at either the home field of the higher-seeded team or at another site designated by the higher-seeded institution. (No. 12 at No. 5, No. 11 at No. 6, No. 10 at No. 7, and No. 9 at No. 8.) The specific game dates, likely late in that week, will be announced later.

I think this may be the only resolution. Think about it, when was the last team we saw each of the four team in the Playoffs?

#1 Georgia – December 3rd against LSU

#2 Michigan – December 3rd against Purdue

#3 TCU – December 3rd against KSU

#4 Ohio State – November 26th against Michigan

Over a month for one of these teams and near a month for the rest. Are these the same rosters we saw on the night of December 3rd? With the amount of extra rest and game planning it is hard for us fans to predict what to expect. I also imagine the challenge for coaches to keep their players mentally sharp, or physically in game shape. If that is the argument, is this type of break in-between games bring an issue of safety to concern?

Especially since these next one to two games could be these athletes last of their collegiate careers. Something to think about next year when the committee looks to schedule these games. I mean we have seen notable guys get hurt and it has cost some money in terms of NFL Draft position but I guess that is the territory of the sport, no matter when the game itself is played. Regardless, I applaud their efforts in improving the quality of the CFB as it has been a fans delight to watch since its inception in the 2014 season. 


Now for fun, here are my predictions for tomorrow’s games.

Georgia 34-Ohio State 28

I am taking the defending champs. Their QB has been there and my expectation is he will stay calm and put a late push from Ohio State away with a historic Georgia drive.

Michigan 41-TCU 27

I cannot pick TCU in good conscience after a loss to Kansas State. Michigan has the defense and the run game they’ll depend heavy on. Also a fan of Jim Harbaugh, and think he cracks his nut here. 


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