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Rangers Sweep 5 Game Road Trip. Stay Hot.

On Monday Night, the New York Rangers completed the sweep of a five game road trip for the first time in franchise history. They have been off to a remarkable start to this season, showcasing their talent and proving their mettle in the NHL. Their success can be attributed to the collective efforts of the team and the exceptional performances of key players taking turns when the team needs them most. The team’s strategies, led by new coach Peter Laviolette, have brought about a significant improvement in their gameplay, placing them in a strong position in the Metropolitan Division and the Eastern Conference.

Their start this season has been filled with numerous interesting encounters, thrilling victories, and insightful learning experiences because the Rangers are under new leadership and being evaluated under the microscope. 

The Rangers’ Hot Start in Canada: Edmonton Oilers

After beating Seattle, it was time for the Rangers to storm the border of Canada. They went into Calgary and won for the first time since 2002. One of the most notable victories of the Rangers’ young season was against the Edmonton Oilers. This was a game where the Rangers displayed stellar performance in all three zones, with the forwards and defensemen showing aggressive offense. The absence of Connor McDavid from the Oilers side due to an injury, did not dampen the Rangers spirit and they did not take them lightly. They put forth an outstanding performance that would have been challenging for any opponent.

Jonathan Quick, the backup goalie, performed exceptionally well, saving all of the 29 shots he faced. This was his first shutout in a Rangers’ uniform, a testament to his skills and contribution to the team’s victory.

The Rangers’ offense was on fire throughout the game, with contributions from players across the lineup. Their power play strategy was effective, scoring in all but one of their first seven games of the season.

Rolling In Canada: Rangers OT Comeback Against the Canucks

The Rangers’ recent 4-3 victory over the Canucks was a display of resilience and grit. Despite spending a substantial portion of the game in their defensive zone and dealing with a flurry of penalties, the team managed to clinch the win. This triumph was largely down to their proficient special teams performance, and Igor Shesterkin’s incredible save in OT that gave K’Andre Miller the chance to score the game winning goal on the other side of the ice.

Sweep the Road Trip: Rangers Beat the Jets On Their Way Back East

Another game coming back in the third period from behind. Adam Fox is growing even further into an absolute weapon on the power play and Chris Kreider deflection goal to tie up the game just showed us one thing he does best.

To top it all off, the Rangers killed a bogus penalty in overtime and then immediately got busy. It was a beautiful play and it was even more beautiful with Sam Rosen on the call. 

The Special Teams Show

The Rangers’ special teams were a significant factor in their victories. It took a while for Mika Zibanejad to get on the board but after doing it in Vancouver the goal scoring continued in Winnipeg, in the most crucial moment of the game.

Whoever told Artemi Panarin to start shooting more often, I want to shake their hand. The end of last season was extremely frustrating watching him turn passive in games the Rangers needed him the most. We all know he is an elite play maker but now we are seeing his elite shooting and scoring ability. 

Stellar Goaltending

Igor Shesterkin has been a standout performer, per usual. His critical saves at crucial moments in the game helped keep the Rangers on track for the win. It is also encouraging that even with Igor out, Jonathan Quick serving up a shutout in a Rangers uniform was certainly not on our 2023 bingo cards. 

Key Players Stepping Up

Several players have taken turns stepping up and have made significant contributions to the team’s success. K’Andre Miller, for instance, scored his first goal of the season in overtime, extending the Rangers’ winning streak to four straight games.

Zibanejad, on the other hand, despite taking a high stick to the face, managed to score a crucial goal for his team. His performance was highlighted by Laviolette, who praised his resilience and ability to make the most of the situation. The list goes on as we are in awe of this teams calmness and overall player development.   

The Rangers’ Power Play Strategy

One of the key contributors to the Rangers’ success this season has been their power play strategy. The team’s top man-advantage unit, with the highlight being Adam Fox becoming a point scoring force. It has been working wonders, holding the offensive zone with ease, overwhelming their opponents, & working the puck around until the perfect scoring chance is unveiled.

It is nice to see the Rangers are making their opponents pay for putting them on the power play. If you watched the game in Vancouver the Rangers cashed in on two 5v3 advantages. The major catalyst in the team’s win that day. 

The Rangers’ Defensive Prowess

The Rangers’ defensive strategy has been a significant factor in their success this season. The team’s defensive stick work gave the teams opponents a tough time during their encounter, applying immense pressure in the offensive zone, as called for by coach Laviolette.

This led to Braden Schneider’s first goal of the season and the eighth of his career, which came after the young defenseman successfully wired a shot past Oilers’ goalie Stuart Skinner from the high slot. An absolute snipe that I do not think any goalie could have stopped. 

Emergence of Filip Chytil as a Key Player

Filip Chytil, despite being just 24, has already proven to be a crucial player for the Rangers. His sixth full season in the NHL and seventh overall has seen him take on a bigger role in the team, solidifying his position as the Rangers’ second center (2C).

Chytil’s breakthrough season started in the 2022 playoffs and then continued last year when he surpassed his career highs with 22 goals and 45 points. His offensive skills have always been impressive, but it was his ability to balance this with other aspects of his game that allowed him to secure the 2C role. Under coach Peter Laviolette, Chytil has managed to take over the role from Vincent Trocheck.

Chytil’s prowess in 5v5 scoring has been a key strength for the Rangers. This season, he has been leading the team by being a commanding force, whether it is scoring himself or setting up his teammates. Allowing him to sit comfortably as the leader of the 2nd power play. 

The Impact of Peter Laviolette

The remarkable improvement in the Rangers’ performance this season can be attributed to the strategies and leadership of coach Peter Laviolette.

He deserves much credit for keeping the team’s morale and fighting spirit high. Maintaining the confidence they once showed us in 2022. His strategic adjustments during the game and his ability to motivate his team under challenging circumstances have been instrumental in their victories.

Final Thoughts

This Rangers’ win streak was a testament to their resilience and the effectiveness of their special teams and goaltending. It was a match dominated by penalties and defensive plays, but through their sheer determination and strategic gameplay, the Rangers managed to prevail. This victory not only extends their winning streak but also serves as a confidence booster as they continue their campaign.

Looking Ahead

The Rangers’ excellent start to the season has set high expectations for the games to come. Their strong performance, both on the offensive and defensive end, coupled with the exceptional individual performances of key players, has put them in a strong position in the Metropolitan Division and the Eastern Conference. As they continue their journey in the NHL, the team’s resilience, teamwork, and unyielding spirit will be their driving force.

With their hot start to the season, the New York Rangers have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with in the NHL. Their journey so far has been nothing short of inspiring, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. The future indeed looks promising for the Rangers, and New York has every reason to be excited!


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