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Reviewing the Knicks’ Offseason Plans Heading Into the Summer

In a roller-coaster season that ended in a Game 7 loss to the Indiana Pacers, the New York Knicks offseason becomes an intense period of critical decisions for Leon Rose and the Knicks front office. After seeing a glimpse of what the Knicks future could be, fans want to see the upward trend continue. From available trades and free agency, the Knicks are faced with an abundance of opportunities to bolster their roster. In a playoff run where the tires fell off due to injuries, they are in position to reload, rather than rebuild. 

A Heartbreaking Game 7 Loss

The Indiana Pacers exhibited a historic performance in Game 7, setting a new NBA playoff record by shooting 67.1% from the field. Their exceptional shooting led them to a decisive 130-109 victory over the New York Knicks at MSG. The Pacers’ sharpshooting was unconscious in the first half, where they achieved a remarkable 76.3%. This offensive onslaught left the Knicks struggling to get stops while not being able to keep up pace. 

Sticking the knife deeper into New Yorkers, more injuries to crucial players like Jalen Brunson, who fractured his left hand during the game, and OG Anunoby who, despite a valiant start, had to leave the game early after trying to play with a hamstring injury. These injuries severely hindered the Knicks’ ability to compete, putting their playoff run in the grave. 

Injury Challenges Throughout the Season

The New York Knicks’ season was overwhelmed by injuries, and the tires fell off in the playoffs. It’s sad to think Julius Randle still hasn’t had a healthy playoff run with this team, after having a bum ankle last season and dislocating his shoulder this season.

Mitchell Robinson worked extremely hard to make it back for the playoffs only to suffer another injury that required ankle surgery. OG Anunoby, acquired at the trade deadline, was in and out of the lineup since coming to NY. The loss of these key players eventually caught up with them.

How the Team Managed

Despite the setbacks, the season demonstrated resilience and strategic adaptability. Players stepped up, contributing crucial minutes to secure 50 wins and perform commendably in the playoffs. Despite the injury challenges, it speaks volumes about their depth and the effectiveness of their management.

Thibodeau’s Future with the Knicks

Tom Thibodeau is approaching the final year of his current contract, with discussions of a significant extension underway, reflecting the Knicks’ confidence in his leadership. At 66 years old, Thibodeau could be entering the last chapter of his coaching career, having led the Knicks to three playoff appearances in four years and a deep run to the second round this season. The potential extension, rumored to be over $10 million per season, would make Thibodeau the longest-tenured Knicks coach since Jeff Van Gundy. Ironically, Thibodeau served as an assistance coach on Van Gundy’s staff, and it seems like NY is the place he wants to be. 

Impact on Team Culture

Under Thibodeau’s guidance, the Knicks have embraced a defensive-minded and physical culture, which has seen players thrive. Thibodeau’s influence has been pivotal in fostering a team-oriented, drama-free environment, significantly attributed to the cohesion among players like Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo, and Josh Hart, who share a strong bond from their college days at Villanova. This culture has not only improved individual performances but has solidified the team’s identity, resonating with the fanbase and bringing a renewed sense of hope and determination to the franchise.

Potential Free Agents

The New York Knicks face significant decisions regarding their roster, particularly with several players approaching free agency. Key among them is OG Anunoby, who may decline his player option of $19,928,571 to explore free agency. Similarly, Isaiah Hartenstein, after a strong season, will enter unrestricted free agency, potentially commanding a considerable market value. Precious Achiuwa, another notable player, has shown his worth and steps into restricted free agency, allowing the Knicks a chance to match any offers he might receive.

Key Players’ Contract Situations

The contractual landscape within the Knicks also presents a complex scenario. Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are both extension-eligible, with Brunson’s evaluation set for after July 12 and Randle immediately. Their decisions will significantly impact the team’s financial flexibility and strategic direction. Additionally, the Knicks’ management must navigate the luxury tax implications, especially with potential new contracts for players like Anunoby and Hartenstein, whose performances have made them key assets. These considerations are crucial as the Knicks aim to build a competitive team while managing financial constraints effectively.

Jalen Brunson Extension

Jalen Brunson is eligible to sign a four-year, $156 million extension with the New York Knicks this summer. However, if he waits until 2025, he could secure a five-year, $270 million contract. By opting for the early extension, Brunson would provide the Knicks with incredible financial flexibility. This move would allow the team to re-sign key players like OG Anunoby and Isaiah Hartenstein and potentially target another star via trade. Brunson’s decision to take a relative pay cut would add to the legendary New York era of basketball he is building. New Yorkers would love to see his commitment to the city, positioning the Knicks for a successful offseason and a stronger future. They would forever be grateful. 

Strategies for Next Season

The New York Knicks are poised to build on their recent successes, aiming to deepen their playoff run and possibly secure a Finals appearance in the near future. Maintaining the health of key players like OG Anunoby, whose presence significantly bolstered the team’s performance with a 26-6 record including playoffs, is crucial. The team’s resilience, despite Julius Randle’s absence, has sparked discussions about his future role, emphasizing the importance of strategic decisions regarding player contracts and team dynamics.

Identifying and Splash Acquisition 

The Knicks’ front office, led by Leon Rose, has demonstrated a commitment to judiciously pursuing top talent without compromising the team’s future. Last season’s acquisition of Anunoby, who improved both the team’s defense and offense, exemplifies this approach. Looking ahead, the Knicks might consider enhancing their roster with high-caliber players like Paul George, who could complement the existing squad while bringing a robust defensive and offensive skill set. Additionally, securing long-term deals for pivotal players such as Isaiah Hartenstein, who has proven his worth on the court, will be essential for maintaining competitive momentum.

Waiting For Summer

Reflecting on this past season, it’s clear that the road to recovery and contention is paved with opportunity. As the Knicks pivot towards the offseason, the objective is clear: nurture the team’s core strengths, address the revealed vulnerabilities, and explore strategic acquisitions that augment their competitive edge. With the potential for player growth, both from seasoned veterans and emerging talents, coupled with astute management decisions, the foundational elements are there. The next steps, soaked in both uncertainty and potential, promise not just to shape the coming season but to etch the pathway towards a NBA championship in 2025.


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