Robert Saleh, Receipt Keeper.

I'm taking receipts': Robert Saleh fires warning shot at Jets haters

Waking up after the Sunday loss against the Bengals felt like it was going to be a trend for the rest of the season. The New York Jets, in my eyes, were still the mistake filled impoverished organization that would never fail to shoot themselves in the foot. Boy was I wrong.

Moving into the week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the men in green were painfully shaken up. After the loss of George Fant on the piss poor interception thrown by Flacco, I genuinely thought we were destined to ruin Zach Wilson’s season yet again. But, the unthinkable happened… The New York Jets prioritized the holes in the offense and adjusted accordingly. Alijah Vera Tucker, a player who is making a strong team MVP campaign, showed unbelievable versatility after he was moved to left tackle to protect the blindside of our young quarterback. It was great seeing the fresh movement of Zach’s newly cleared knee after the contusion he had to overcome from the preseason. Now that the Jets are not limited to Flacco’s miniscule movement the offense is going to leap into a stronger, faster, and less conservative format.

As for the defense…

I will start by saying this: John Franklin Myers deserves to be unemployed. This overweight, careless, and undisciplined interior lineman has done nothing besides record penalties, miss tackles, and play downright horrendous. Personally, I would enjoy the snap count of Quinnen Williams to increase, as JFM’s starts to be limited. The front seven of our defense has seemed to struggle internally, after seeing the outburst of Quinnen Williams at his defensive linemen coach. This may hinder the culture of relationships between the players and coaches; however, I believe this will only help us grow. As for the secondary, Sauce Gardener is showing the player he truly is and why he should have been the highest defensive player drafted in last year’s draft. His counterpart, DJ Reed, although limited in size, has continued to impress analysts around the league as he has been one of the more effective defensive backs so far this season. Now my safeties… oh my piss poor safeties. Lamarcus Joyner and Jordan Whitehead have undoubtedly had a rough start to the season, essentially obtaining the worst statistics among all safeties in the NFL. Granted the Steelers are the typical gritty powerhouse they usually portray to be, but our defense had limited mistakes/penalties, and in the end, got the job done.

Jets rookie Ahmad Gardner ready to earn 'Sauce' nickname

The rest of the season is where our true colors are going to be tested thoroughly. Miami, while having two of the fastest receivers in the league, now have an extreme issue in missing their starting Quarterback. I will never throw shade at Teddy Bridgewater, but he seems to be as washed as Brian Hoyer on the stinky Patriots.

Score Predicsh vs Miami Dolphins – NYJ: 31 MIA: 10 😉

In Joe Douglas, We Trust. Now go enjoy your Victory Monday, and let’s take this division next week!

-Guyzo Frank

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