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The Three Best Feuds to Start 2024

Welcome to 2024, the year when resolutions are as short-lived and internet feuds are on the rise. But not all feuds are created equal. Some are legitimate while others are so absurd, they just feed social media nonsense. Regardless, the timeline so far this year has been epic. 2024 is election year I expect more feuds and more drama all the way until November. 

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Aaron Rodgers

First up, Jimmy Kimmel trading jabs with none other than Jets QB Aaron Rodgers. It all started with Rodgers’ controversial stance on COVID-19, which had Kimmel tossing punchlines on his late night show; but things heated up quickly when Rodgers linked Kimmel to Epstein Island while doing his interview slot on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show. Kimmel took to X (Twitter) to fire back at Rodgers, who he called an “aashole” (get it?). Kimmel also threatened to sue Rodgers.

Cue the social media frenzy, where fans grabbed their meme-cannons and fired away, turning the feud into an endless stream of chuckle-inducing content as each of them went blow for blow. 

Elon Musk vs. Mark Cuban

In the left corner, wearing the SpaceX suit, we have the Martian wannabe and Twitter-troll-in-chief, Elon Musk. In the right corner, sporting a Dallas Mavericks cap, stands the Shark Tank swashbuckler, Mark Cuban. 

The bone of contention? Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) narratives. Musk, with his flair for the controversial, has been poking the DEI bear with a stick; while Cuban, ever the voice of reason, has been trying to poke back with facts. This high-stakes banter has turned Twitter into a virtual WWE ring, with Elon Musk calling Mark Cuban a “racists” and even asking when we can expect a short Asian women to be the starting point guard of the Dallas Mavericks.

Honestly, I would love for these two to share a stage and discuss their true feelings regarding DEI in the workplace. I’d label that ‘must watch’ TV.

Bill Ackman vs. Business Insider

Finally, we have hedge fund heavyweight Bill Ackman throwing down the gauntlet against Business Insider and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The publication accused Ackman’s wife, Neri Oxman, of plagiarism in her academic work. As this story has been developing, Bill Ackman has publicly defended his wife against these accusations of plagiarism in a case involving a paper she co-authored while at MIT. 

Ackman took to Twitter to contest the claims made in an article by Business Insider, arguing that the accusations are unfounded and that the publication’s reporting is misleading.

Ackman’s fight against Business Insider is not just about defending his wife’s reputation, but also about challenging what he perceives as irresponsible journalism. He voiced his concerns, highlighting the potential damage that such allegations can cause to an individual’s professional standing and personal life.

The dispute centers around complex issues of academic integrity, the responsibilities of journalists in reporting, and the impact of such stories on the subjects involved. Ackman may be contesting the claims on several grounds, including the accuracy of the facts reported, the context in which the information was presented, and the intentions behind the publication’s decision to run the story.

While Business Insider has stood its ground, creating a back-and-forth that had all the suspense of a “Who-Dun-It” novel. The social media spectators? They’re busy making memes, GIFs, and T-shirts out of the debacle because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good academic throwdown?


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