Giants Put Barkley Contract Back On The Table, Re-Enter Negotiations

An important development in the Saquon Barkley contract holdout for Giants fans. After pulling a contract sheet reportedly worth $12 – $13 Million and placing Barkley on the Franchise Tag, the Giants have now put that contract back on the table.

Barkley had previously rejected the contract offer, he has yet to sign the Franchise Tag and is insistent on completing a long-term deal with the G-Men. Barkley has repeated that he is “not looking to reset the running back market,” but he does know his worth. While the reports of the AAV were released, the guaranteed money was not, and in the NFL that’s the only real part of the contract that matters.

So, why is this a bright spot? As Patricia Traina stated in her tweet: it gives both parties a starting point instead of going from scratch. Unfortunately for Barkley, his side of the negotiations took a tough hit given the huge Running Back free agent class and how the rest of them shaped out. The two best, outside of Barkley, were Dallas’ Tony Pollard and Vegas’ Josh Jacobs, both of which were Tagged. Former Eagles RB Miles Sanders got the biggest contract of 4-years/$25 million from Carolina, with $13 million guaranteed.

Hypothetically, let’s say that Barkley and the Giants can’t come to an agreement by the start of training camp, I don’t think Saquon is foolish enough to forfeit a little over $10 million and sit out the year, a la Le’Veon Bell, who essentially ended his own career by doing that. Barkley is 26 years old and probably only has two years left as an elite NFL running back (which is why guaranteed money is so important), he won’t give up that money, but it would absolutely leave a sour taste in his mouth and damage the relationship between the Giants and one of their star players. The Giants are one of the most respected franchises in the league, so I have every reason to believe they will take care of Saquon. Obviously, I don’t want my favorite team to give out a bad contract, but it’s also painfully obvious this team doesn’t perform nearly as well offensively without Barkley.

Saquon is also such an important leader for this team. Everyone respects and loves this guy. On and off the field, the Giants need him locked up. It should just be a matter of time.

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