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Google Engineer Believes AI has become Sentient

Google has been leading the world in Artificial Intelligence Research for decades and now a senior engineer working for the company believes that the AI bot project they are working with has become sentient. Google researcher had Blake Lemoine believes the AI bot called LaMDA has become sentient in conversations he had with the bot. The claims that the robot can perceive and express feelings is a very bold statement. When LaMDA was asked about this it tries to explain feelings that it believes our current language can’t describe.  

It is important to note that these conversations that have been taking place since March 2022 have been edited in order to show instances of sentience. Determining if something is sentient is difficult there are no agreed upon standards to decide if a robot has become sentient. The ability of LaMDA to apparently show some level of self-awareness and articulate its feelings is a monumental step for AI. Lemoine has been placed on paid leave at Google after leaking his findings to the New York Times. 


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